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The Appeal for Resolution.

Updated: May 25, 2021

UGLY HEROS The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement Autobiography.


"For 6 years instead of resolution and being respected as a victim, I was whistleblowing police sector corruption and met with targeting by police and associated persons. Investigating, witnessing and recording many criminal actions of police personnel, neglected gang associated crimes and government authority, the oversights were too Big to deny. Irrefutable. The recommendations proposed, paramount to change within the sector.

2020, 6 years after reporting Kurt Slaven and numerous sex offenders the disgusting culture within the Australian Police Force towards women protruded denial. The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) transcript regarding NSW Police WhatsApp group chat included messages about whether a woman was “r*#table” and “worth the rape charge” was revealed. Rhetoric so appalling I felt physically nauseous reading as a victim. A police made victim.

To gain resolution after having called out and upon all police officers involved in the Gordon Hamm investigation and investigating Kurt Slaven sex crimes I had to appeal to the Supreme court. By 2021 police ignorance towards offender reports of rapes against myself was shown by blocked emails, disregard for Victims Rights and silence. Many accountable officers displaying a blatant ignorance towards rectifying the disgraceful cover ups.

New Zealand after deportations from the Australian Federal Police overseen Gordon Hamm investigation reporting a staggering 9000 offences in total linked to persons deported from Australia back to their home country. A trade off made by Darryl Peter Wright of SAPOL and ICAC to cover up the police forces heavy involvement with the prostitution industry.

2000 of the 9000 accounts of crimes committed by deportation were of a deceptive, theft nature. Replicating crimes that had these persons deported in the first place, the offences also included assaults and child sex crimes. The state of corruption within the Australian Police Force not only allowed New Zealander Gordon Hamm to be murdered, but the insidious misconduct, malpractice and criminal activity by Australian police having detrimental outcomes overseas. Child sex crimes often a trade off when police were confronted with their own crimes, especially regarding their involvement with the sex industry. Called out over months David Kyriacou who was involved initially in the investigation of the murder of Gordon Hamm proved that heavily involved with misconduct he could not charge child abuse and sex crimes like Luke Ryan or Kurt Slaven. Kurt Slaven to which he had spoken to about the sex offending in a timely manner to avoid numerous civilians facing National Integrity under introduced laws compelling persons and evidence with no right to silence. A devastating outcome to develop out of malicious accusations with no basis or facts which David Kyriacou could have and should have corrected, not only as a police officer but as a self proclaimed Freemason.

As cases mounted against the unconstitutional and not fit for purpose Association Laws the Police Force in pathetic glory used and abused this law to no end trying to silence the truth UGLY HEROS The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement told. The fact that a Victim - an innocent and unassociated persons was getting more focus than known patched bikers in South Australia not only proved the laws were written to target persons reporting police misconduct but that the use of these laws for almost 2 decades had been applied in ways that illegally militarized policing. Actions that can be likened to I quote: 'Russian New Generation Warfare (RNGW) combined Disinformation, denial and disruptive technologies for psychological as well as physical effect.' Battlegrounds: The Fight to Defend the Free World, Book by H. R. McMaster. Herbert McMasters writing Legendary literature. Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, former National Security Advisor during Trump’s administration writing a bold assessment of the most critical foreign policy and national security challenges of our era.

Australian Police members stalking myself with my personal device to continue their corrupt character assassination span for at the least over a decade. The malicious accusations with no basis or facts so out of control I found myself having correct countless persons from South Australia and even during Reckless Endangerment to Northern Territory. My Human Rights and actions I had taken to keep myself safe with at best, half of the police force looking out for my welfare against an unprecedented level of corruption within the Australian Police Force.

As stated about the revelations of pedophilia within the Catholic Church - “The truth does free you even if it is unpalatable Truth.”

An autobiography of Truth, Justice and Altruism, the Royal Commission into SAPol and Advocating a Bill of Rights Australia.

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