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SUMMARY ‘The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement’

Updated: May 16, 2021

Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement. Published in 2021, 2 x US Trade size 152 x 228 mm, Gloss Cover - 350 gsm, Pages of Autobiography - Envirocare 80 gsm, Additional Documentation - Envirocare 80 gsm, Colour photos and additional information: Satin 113 gsm edition. Outlining an irrefutable need for a Royal Commission into SAPol, an Autobiography by Founder of brand Barbwire Noose and Human Rights Activist Marcia Anita Hobbs. The 2 Part Autobiography written in Human Rights Activism fight for her own personal rights is a captivating account of True Crime and the illusive South Australian Underworld. Gripping accounts of the Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. The publication with a controversial Media Release with Australian Associated Press (AAP) and selling prior to its final publication. All pre-order copies were personally signed by the Human Rights Activist.

Detailed accounts of police driven criminality, abuse of process and power by SAPOL and ICAC, judicial corruption and breaches to Marcia Anita Hobbs Rights - The true accounts you read in the police driven underbelly are unimaginable. Duties of care regarding police informants, deliberate neglectful investigation to cause harm and a string of institutional concerns pushed out, with Liberal and Labor Police Minister overlooking life threatening corruption - both Governments of South Australia unconstitutional regarding police activities surrounding Marcia and many within the Australian public. Used as rape bait and allowed to be raped with police knowledge the police force guilty of unconstitutional activity amount to crimes against humanity. The Liberal and Labor governing of South Australia with a lack of public accountability and responsibility exposed in the severe injustices committed against Marcia, a victim and whistleblower. An irrefutable cover up of corruption and malpractice within the police force until the year 2020. An Autobiography of Truth, Justice and Altruism making Royal Commission into SAPol.

MANUSCRIPT PROOF Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement.

Gripping accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. Autobiography of Marcia Anita Hobbs, Human Rights Activist, AUSTRALIA.

‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®️’


‘The Price of Unlawful Enforcement’

"Justice delayed is justice denied" - William E. Gladstone. The quote a legal maxim. It means that if legal redress or equitable relief to an injured party is available, but is not forthcoming in a timely fashion, it is effectively the same as having no remedy at all.

NOTE: There are NO secrets in this book, just facts everyone knows and nobody states So Boldly.

It starts at Margaret Street in Mount Gambier, South Australia - after the SAPOL officer, a Mount Gambier CIB detective investigating the theft of my structurally written off VH Holden Commodore, sexually assaulted myself at a pines location 2001. It ends exposing decades of police and governance corruption defined by a cover up of prostitute use, the spread of STD and a Freemason agenda to Gaslight the world and rewrite history like Nazis. A book full of so Much fact, exposing the Elite STARForce team as a gang and the worst of strategic narcissism. Turning Police Force into Criminals and Governance into Chaos. The South Australia Police - commonly known as SAPOL, is the police force of the Australian state of South Australia. It is an agency of the Government of South Australia within the South Australian Department of Justice.The Australian Federal Police is the national and principal federal law enforcement agency of the Australian Government with the unique role of investigating crime and protecting the national security of the Commonwealth of Australia. Every police force in Australia rotten to the core, the price of unlawful enforcement was not only my life but the National Security of Australia, the governance of our people, Integrity, International Intelligence and So Much more.

The police predatorial monster in 2001 was Kurt Slaven, assigned to investigate my white 5 speed manual VH Holden Commodore. The Commodore stolen after an accident near my Aquatics Teaching employment premises. A 16 year old Aquatics Teacher, government employed with police clearance raped under duress by SAPOL Police Officer and Detective of Mount Gambier Police Station CIB (Crime Investigation Branch). The officer a predator that clearly had no Real intentions of investigating the theft case of my vehicle involved in an accident the day prior to the sex crime offence. My wrecked vehicle stolen overnight from my employments private car parking was the event which enabled Kurt Slaven to commit the sex crime. The theft of the vehicle linked to persons known to Kurt Slaven, authoring this Autobiography it was evident that Kurt Slaven targeted myself to commit this offence. Kurt Slaven committing his hideous sexual crime and orchestrating a cover up within a compromised police force leading to further sexual offending against myself for years. Corruption and deceit that span decades. A police force who used my persons as quote “rape bait” for years after Kurt Slaven’s criminal offence. An STAR (Special Tactical And Response) Force which further compromised my life with a police certification which was initiated for myself and cancelled for myself for a decade.

When Kurt Slaven sexually assaulted myself I was Not yet 17 years of age, making the crime an offence against a minor appropriately under South Australian law. The exact date of the offence in a distorted cover up reflected in various organisation records and major life event accounts. The offence committed between the 15th of February 2001 and the 24th of April 2001.

The events that followed Kurt Slaven’s sexual attack on myself terrorised my life. My pets were murdered in association to the crime to maintain Kurt Slaven’s threat to me to be silent. Quoting offender Kurt Slaven at the scene of the crime, after the offence saying to me “Don’t tell anyone” – talking about the rape. I was targeted by young, petty gang associates immediately after Kurt Slaven offended against myself. In the years that followed, SAPOL used myself as real life “rape bait” in a string of unconscious and conscious sex crimes directly associated with SAPOL Mount Gambier running a youth gang and the pedophile offence committed in 2001 by Kurt Slaven. Kurt Slaven, a police officer whom spent his career aligning himself with select criminals - bikers from the Gypsy Jokers, Commancheros/Bandidos and Hells Angels predominantly but not limited to. A police force trying and dominate the sex industry of South Australia and Australia allowing the rape of minors and desperately hiding the most henious and hideous crimes.

The events described throughout this autobiography span over a 20 - 30 year period. 20 years of the lesser known side of my once very private life. Sexual crimes and innuendo aired out for all to read was the ONLY way I could gain resolution regarding the POLICE vs Kurt Slaven statement as well as end being used and abused by SAPOL and the Australian Police Force without boundaries. Justice for the voiceless gained by tearing my heart out, enduring an obscene cover up and sharing my story with the American FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). The motto, “ Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity,” succinctly describes the motivating force behind the men and women of the FBI.

For me it was Military warfare being imposed on a civilian - a little girl. For society it was an endless undermining of civil rule.

I endured war style, Nazi type psychological attack on my persons from police, freemasons, family, friends and randoms alike. From walks down the street to social media, the agenda was bitter and relentless. The most extreme form of Gaslighting the mind can endure. There was relentless and endless home invasions, starting with my 2 rabbits being murdered in the first rental property I resided in 2001, the gaslighting events occurring not long after Kurt Slaven’s sexual offence. The death of my pets following a failed sexual assault attempt by 4 boys, an attack on my persons associated with sex offender Kurt Slaven. Boys Not known to myself at this time, yet known to the Mount Gambier CIB - known to sex offender Kurt Slaven. The boys said to be part of a youth gang called COA (COA = Constantly On Attack) associated with the Gypsy Jokers, a Nazi alligned biker gang. The COA youth gang was created by SAPOL officers recruiting seedy and criminal family members as informants. An expanding informant gang of relatives and friends directly linked to the force associating and recruiting young impressionable boys at this time in Mount Gambier spanning to Adelaide - the Capital City of South Australia. The COA was predominantly recruiting low socio demographic students from Grant High School and desperate to fit in Mount Gambier High School students in the Regional area of South Australia at this time. This group of boys latching onto like minded impressionable young perons. 20 years after the COA was developed these boys had spread across the Nation and throughout a majority of them sex industry pimp wannabes alligning with the various gangs in Australia. This is how the bikers in Australia gained further power and control within Australia using the extortion of married men, police and politicians - anyone who wanted to hide crimes or infidelity. The definition of a biker, after decades and police co-operation the criminals were winning their plight. Australian politicians and a broadly compromised police force heavily involved and out of control when organised crime began to colluded against the worst move the police and governance made, strategic narcissism - the association laws. Laws which in 2012 lead to bikers across Australia meeting in Australia’s tourist hub, Queensland, the brotherhoods binding together with one common goal suing government over the Strategic narcissism legislation not fit for purpose they had implemented. It only took a short 4 years after ‘the world’s toughest anti-bikie laws’ were introduced, before it was evident and furthermore time and time again proven that these breach of Universal Human Rights, the Constitution and Privacy laws were unlawful when applied. The association Laws allowing Police Bruitality and gang like violence, including sex crimes against minors; rape and murder driven, engaged and encouraged by the Australian Police Force and Tactical Teams from Top to Bottom the sole reason behind the biker’s in Australia aligning.

It was in May 2008 when the Labor Government of South Australia passed what Premier Mike Rann proclaimed as 'the world's toughest anti-bikie laws' (Rann 2008), with the introduction of the Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Act 2008, which came into effect on 4 September 2008. The Premier cited the following as highlights of the Act:

gang members who engage in acts of violence that threaten and intimidate the public will be guilty of serious offences and will find it harder to get bail;

police will be able to prohibit members of a bikie gang from attending a place, event or area where this would pose a serious threat to the public;

the old law of consorting will be replaced with a new law of criminal association that prohibits telephone calls as well as meetings in the flesh; stalking a person with the intention of intimidating a victim, witness, court official, police officer or public servant will become a serious offence;

it will be easier for police to secure orders to dismantle fortifications protecting gang clubrooms; and in addition, the legislation created new offences of violent disorder (maximum penalty of 2 years jail); riot (7 years, 10 years where aggravated); affray (3 years, 5 years where aggravated) and stalking of public officials by OMCG members (7 years; Rann 2008).

Australia's Crimes Legislation Amendments (Serious and Organised Crime) Act 2010 were some of the worst breaches to Human Rights globally amongst developed society. Allowing for large scale corruption and global racketeering from our Country.

It was in 2008 also when my house was invaded by police and government by these laws. An innocent and sexually assaulted by a police officer little girl - myself, 24 years old and having whistle-blown the South Australian Labor government for its neglect and abuse of Disabled non-cognitive persons targeted by these illegal laws. Having my Privacy stripped from me in cover up upon cover up, my bedroom door filmed everyday I owned my house on Penola Road in Mount Gambier until 2014 at the least.

This Autobiography capturing my undoubtedly and undeniably abused life and how strategic narcissism only enables organised crime. I legally prove the detriment of cover up duty of care in governance and show the association laws irrefutably are not fit for purpose, simply legislated strategic narcissism.

A true account of Australia's two only serving government's, heavily corrupted with no real accountability in their out of control rorts, military crimes and lack of integrity which could be concluded as a form of espionage - a severe internal erosion of National Integrity before it became legislation. Watching to no end the act/practice of spying, the use of spies by a government to discover the military and political secrets of other party. Institutional and systematic compromise played out with both sides of government using the police force to spy on eachothers sexual misconduct for political gain. Both government's could be said to be aligned with all gangs in Australia as the motorcycles clubs were against their own best interests cooperating with eachother since 2012 with their plot against the association laws. Liberal more heavily aligned with the Gypsy Jokers than labor with Tony Pasin their political party member - the ex lawyers cocaine habit feed by the gang. The use of felons and civilians who were Not formally seeking resolution to political criminal engagement also compromising National Security with their espionage like activity.

"The Wrong Person in the Wrong Place = Regression. The Wrong Person in the Right Place = Frustration. The Right Person in the Wrong Place = Confusion. The Right Person in the Right Place = Progression. The Right People in the Right Places = Multiplication." ~ John C. Maxwell


‘A World Untold’

“Human Rights are the basis of Civil society, when these are lost so is a Humane Humanity." - Princess Marcia (India - Eastern Star/Australia - Hobbes), Freemason - Le Droit Humain, Initiated 2015 in Lodge 406 Adelaide, South Australia, AUSTRALIA.

2001, amongst peers my age, was the height of the Commanchero joining COA youth gang in Mount Gambier. Boys who would terrorise young women in a gang aligned with the police force for decades. The year 2001 was my first year away from the farm, the year I moved out of home officially. A quiet farm property 38 kms from the city of Mount Gambier was home. The COA boys, consisting of many football players outside the school yard recruits, were allowed to sexually terrorise Mount Gambier and girls of around my age demographic for these decades without address or arrests. Spreading the Sexually Transmitted Disease, Human Papallioma Virus (HPV) like the Plauge Larry Krammer so powerfully labelled human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV) in his time fighting the injustices of STD’s. Over 80% of populations said to be infected (short term and long term infections) by the 2000’s with a disease that can eventuate to AIDS, HIV is very much a plague on society. This fact also making the Human Papallioma virus impossible to eradicate through immunisation using Gardasil alone. Australia was one of the first countries to roll out a national cervical cancer immunisation campaign using Gardasil, tested and trailed for 10 years prior to becoming available in Australia in the United States of America. Myself one of the first people in Australia to receive the immunisation which was a course of 3 immunisation injections over a 9 month period initiated for myself in 2005.

The South Australia Police highly contributed to the cover up of the STD’s plaguing Australia within the region of the Limestone Coast. The police force of Mount Gambier excused the spread, to run gangs and recruit young persons into gang violence and illegal industries. Many officer's infected with HIV themselves, the seedy secrets of SAPOL spanning for decades. Secrets leading to staged Domestic Violence, Sexual Assaults and Murder to cover up the police associations with the Gypsy Jokers and other bikers clubs. The threat of giving someone STD’s was a regular occurance; the worst offending imaginable overlooked as an insurmountable issue. Conflate and Confuse was the approach to the many elephants in the room, especially when pedophile crimes, the COA (Gypsy Jokers/Commacheros), prostitutes or STD’s came up. The cast aside insurmountable STD threat exposed as an AIDS threat by the local Mount Gambier Newspaper The Border Watch in 2016, yet the Police Ombudsman report of 2016 still missed the mark to call out the institutional concerns to the point of accountability with a Royal Commission.

I was lucky, the boys of this STD carrying COA gang were unsuccessful in their attempt to sexually exploit myself when attacked in 2001. Blessed with Luck, to which many other girls in Mount Gambier terrorised by these teen and early twenties boys did not have the privilege to indulge. The boys and this activity span for 20 years - only because of the direct connection they had to SAPOL Police Detective Kurt Slaven and Detective Kym Modra. Detective Kym Modra, a locally proclaimed relative of AFL Adelaide Crows star player Tony (Anothony) Modra, and the COA gang members who carried the Modra name would offer signed guernsey’s as bribes to silence persons reporting them for their criminal conduct before engaging in intimidation and gang violence. Kurt Slaven and Detective Kym Modra among the main Detectives used to confuse investigations. Many police stationed in the Mount Gambier police station who worked with these detectives taking bribes from 4 gangs and creating illegal and detrimental alliances. By 1999 the Gypsy Jokers, the Hells Angels and the up and coming Comancheros/Bandidos motorcycle clubs were all involved with SAPOL - heavily and illegally involved. The bribes so high the police allowed a group of pedophile tendencies, rapist boys to dominate Australia for a period of time when they were in their late 30’s after I assisted in the Federally overseen Homicide of Gordon Hamm in 2013/2014. If it wasn't bad enough that by 2014, 4 gangs that should not have been sharing the same underwear were, it was worse as the police force had illegal deals with all of them. With me, a little girl used and abused for decades stuck in the middle of the most insidious police corruption created 20 years prior to this autobiography and spanning Nationally. Corruption and crimes committed by police exposed in a Homicide I was the key witness for - voluntarily, literally my ONLY regret is helping the Australian police force with the tragic murder of Gordon Hamm. Raped 4 times by 5 people in 5 years following assisting the police, under police investigations with Federal Police Investigation oversight. My life and a ruthless determination to be heard unfolding the Underbelly of Mount Gambier.

I believe EVERY Life Matters. Your reading True accounts from a police family member on the consequences of corruption within the police force. Unlike David Modra.

David Modra retired from SAPOL in late 2015, conveniently after Kurt Slaven was tipped off I reported his sexual crimes. Serving in the police force for 41.7 years David Modra joined the police force in 1974 and reached the grade of Detective Sergeant, running teams of detectives covering all offences under varying Criminal Acts and Non-Criminal Acts. Breaching numerous privacy laws whilst investigating, David Modra in retirement concentrated on what he called writing true life crimes stories, glorifiying many investigation which Royal Commision into SAPOL would find much illegal conduct and even police constructed information. Bragging of his work with U.S Marshalls Office, I found this self proclaimed authoring rather disturbing whilst SAPOL fought to avoid Royal Commission investigations yet tried to allow persons to breach confidentiality in a race to mislead the public.

NEVER being part of a gang, I was NOT associated with Any gangs or gang behavior, yet through the police force I was exploited for years through the law of association. Learning on the 'Road To Resolution' (Conclusion Part 2 UGLY HEROS) the Australian police force had been watching myself, a rape victim of a police officer as a 16 year old teenage - a minor. I endure years of gangs and police gang associated sexual crimes being used as quote “rape bait” by the Australian Police Force on record. Sex crimes commited under police investigations and with the government's knowledge.

The tragic homicide of Gordon Hamm - ambushed at 4am on July 17, 2013. A homicide that most would argue the CIB of Mount Gambier was aware could happen. An investigation that played out in front of myself as another life disregarding and disrespected by SAPOL and the Australian Police Force. I was the key witness in this case, not that you would have know it as I was not required in court. Police convicting the felons on falsified investigation evidence to hide the police force assocation with the crime. I was cast aside as a witness, the only honest witness the police force had that was not part of the gang that took Gordon Hamm life. My life was left at the whim of over 100 boys whom had been involved in gang rapes and illicit drug dealing since they were teenagers. Building my brand Barbwire Noose, I was held in a character assasination attack for years which resulted in multiple sex crimes being commited against myself. My persons had been threatened prior and during assisting the Victorian police regarding Gordon Hamms death and this had been reported to SAPOL. Threatened to silence by felons involved with the homicide, Tim Stringer, an known to police ICE dealer. An axe was placed outside of the view of my home survailence. I knew who the axe belonged to and contacted Tim Stringer via my mobile phone number, then 0427 972 325, about the axe placed on my property. Tim Stringer was the man directly responsible for ordering the murder of Gordon Hamm, a debt collection order with an expiry date that lead to Gordon Hamm's death. Tim Stringer said his friend put the axe over my properties fence. I reported this offence via my mobile phone to the Mount Gambier Police Station immediately after Tim Stringer confessed the axe was linked to him. No action was taken. I later spoke to Aaron Roche of VICPOL, a humane Victorian Detective who though very smart had a lot to learn about the Mount Gambier Underworld. 3 men were jailed for the death of Gordon Hamm. 3 offenders that would never have been jailed if I did not asist the police. In 2017, I again had to reach out to Aaron regarding the Mount Gambier Police Stations life threatening misconduct.

While assisting Aaron Roche of VICPOL in 2014 I reported Kurt Slaven for his sex crimes offending committed in 2001 at the direction of the Police Ombudsman South Australia. After assisting with the homicide case, the institutional corruption that had crippled Mount Gambier with ICE addictions and home invasions was irrefutably evident. Myself speaking out about the police criminal offending a detrimental necessity, not just to reach for stolen justice and my Human Rights, but to seek resolution in a race to bury the truth. Deep seeded corruption within SAPOL and the Australian police force irrefutable.

The daughter of 2 professional parents who opened the Hungry Jack's Fast Foods Australia arm of American Burger King Fast Food Family Restaurants across Regional South Australia. I grew up attending country schools with strict and isolated parenting on a farm with emu, cattle, my own horse, dogs and an ex menagerie that developed my philanthropic passion and love for animal welfare. My story, true accounts of Strength in victimisation, Inspirational desire for justice and the truth of the dark side of the law.

The sexual assault, attempted gang rape and murder of my pets were All offences that occured within a short 3 month period of myself first leaving parental care. Kurt Slaven offending against myself was followed by the 4 boys attempting sexual assault. A short boy with dark hair being the main sexual aggressor he stipulated during this attack that my tongue ring was to suck cock. The dark hair aggressor coming at myself sitting on a flat chair at a white piano, the offender with his penis out. How WRONG the little dick with a big Ego was in his commentary. My tongue ring, a long desired piece of jewellery I spoke of in year 10 at High School to my friends. Sarah my then Best Friend and myself getting the in vogue, single, high - top of your ear piercing together. My tongue piercing was also a shared experience. A Valentine's Day gift in 2001 from my Boyfriend in 2001, I bought Tim Argent an eyebrow piercing as his Valentines Day gift this year in return. Tim Argent chose the eyebrow he wanted to pierce - choosing interestingly the side people usually acknowledged as a Gay male. Tim Argent lived outside of Mount Gambier like I did, yet went to Grant High School, Not Allendale East Area School like me. Tim’s parent’s owned a coastal property at Cape Douglas, nothing like my parents farm or the luxurious homes I was used to. The toilet was outside like a couple of my Dad’s friends dairy properties. I had started to stay with Tim and his parents at the end of the Year 12 school year in the year 2000. Tim’s Mother a very sincere, lovely lady I would always find reading late at night, early hours of the morning in the lounge room. Walking past her to use the outside toilet facility. Tim’s Father drank alot of beer, I often wondered if his drinking was why she was always in the loungeroom at these times. Having told my friends for years at school that I liked and wanted a tongue ring - nothing sexual about it to myself, I was so excited I was getting my tongue ring asap - like my drivers licence. Milestone moment.

I literally vomited at the statement made by the dark haired aggressor about sucking cock. I was seated on the white piano’s playing stool and threw up on the floor. The driver of the boys was the owner of the White Holden Commodore vehicle to which drove us around this night, Josh Richardson. Known to police, Josh is a convicted felon yet at this time (2001) he was the Only non aggressor. Josh babied myself to the toilet where I continued to literally throw up at the insulting insinuated sexual assault. Such a distressing experience, I was dropped off in the middle of my rental’s property’s street on Margaret Street (photography featured at the end of this introduction chapter) by the driver and the sexually abusive - yet unsuccessful boys.

I had walked away from my friends and outside the nightclub called Blueberries prior to getting into Josh Richardson’s car. I was escaping a boy trying to drag myself into his car through the drivers side door in the carpark and I screamed. The 4 boys, the driver - Josh started yelling at the guy who was attempting to drag me into the vehicle in the carpark. The boys upon first meeting were actually saving myself from a sexual assault attempt this night, which was why I trusted them to cruise around with. The boys were my age and polite to start with until the small ring leader started pushing sexual activities I was Not there for and I vomited.

The Margaret Street property where I first resided in town is located near the refurbished old jail. A well known backpacker facility in Mount Gambier, known for holding some of the most Epic events to entertain the region e.g. ‘Red Hot Summer Tour’, John Farnham, The Living End. A backpacker facility which is known as prostitute accommodation and is located along the same road as entry to the Mount Gambier police station carpark.

Tim was frantic this night, too scared to go out to clubs himself as he was bullied at school and having no girlfriends were insecurities he hadn’t moved past. I did blame Tim Argent alittle, being a year older than me, for leaving me vulnerable and encouraging me to go out without him. My friends were out looking for me as I did not reenter the nightclub after leaving and was not at home when they got back after 12 am. Underaged we had to leave the nightclub at this time. I was picked up by my friend Kristyn and her then partner Michael on Margaret Street. Kristyn having been out at blueberries with me as well as my then Best Friend Sarah. A country girl unfamiliar with city living dangers, I had made it home from 2 attempted sexual assaults this night and I was not hurt.

The seemingly controversial piercing, not the only alternative body art I desired. The 2 pentagram tattoos I discussed at school for years also - Dad would not let me get a tattoo until I was 24 years of age, an asap with a time frame. At 27 years old the tattoo milestone moment finally played out. I was tattooed in Portland at the Gypsy Joker tattoo bar - not my choice of tattoo bar, Luke Hubert Scheidl’s. In 2014 it was revealed this milestone moment was also to be tarnished by gang activity. The Gypsy Jokers had tried to give me an STD during this tattooing session. Booked by Luke Hubert Scheidl, the tattooist failed to change the needle and tattooed between Luke Hubert Scheidl and myself with the same needle, blood present, unchanged. A deliberate decision, I was lucky. This time lucky to not contract an STD from the experience.

Tim Argent and I as a couple rented the premises on Margaret Street for 3 months during the beginning half of 2001. My Birthday to turn 17 years of age (2001) falling in the later half of April. When we moved to Doughty Street from this first rental was when my 2 rabbits were murdered. Killed overnight, in the basically empty Margaret Street property. It had Only been approximately a 12 to 16 hour period since we left this residence where the rabbits were killed. The rental accessed by key to kill the animals, no evident break and enter - as with every home invasion to my properties over 20 years, after Kurt Slaven raped me as a minor, has been. Tim and I had slept at the new rental on Doughty Street overnight. I found one bunny stiff on the dustpan and the other lop eared rabbit in the walkway on the final day moving out from the Margaret Street residence. This rental residence adjoined to a business - debit collection provider then known as ‘Town and Country.’ Our first home away from home, Town and Country was the business of my boyfriend’s Tim’s relatives at the time. The home adjoining the leasees office had no electrical costs, which after 3 months was an agreement that the landlord tried to renege on. As fresh out of home teens, we were only really alone at night which was nice. Being hit with an unexpected electrical bill and being asked to move by your boyfriend's relatives, not so nice. My initial thinking was the rabbits were poisoned, by his relative that owned the property I accused initially, but this did not make sense as he allowed me to keep the rabbits and working out of the adjoined office front more than knew I brought the rabbits inside at night from outdoors. A disturbing experience for persons young and in love, we had moved out of home together planning our future, until Tim used a prostitute in 2001. Luckily we were already broken as I’m Absolutely in love with Love. True, Romantic Love, I was so in love with Tim Argent until his felon status actions with illegal sex industry. Tim and I shared a love for motorsports and a passion for driving.

I didn’t realise but it changed me. What Kurt Slaven did - the rape, the re-attempt, his threat, all that was orchestrated to follow. Only 16 years of age and I was a police made victim of a hideous crime. A little girl, scared with no idea what do you do, and with no family networks to confide in?! I suffered in Silence. The mid 30's year old police predator, and his disgusting naked body I ran away from. His disgusting podgy belly, elbow out holding his head in his hand - A revolting version of Kate Winslet in the Movie The Titanic, something I can Not erase from my mind even after all this time.

I didn’t realise but it changed me. What Kurt Slaven did - the rape, the re-attempt, his threat, all that was orchestrated to follow. Only 16 years of age and I was a police made victim of a hideous crime. A little girl, scared with no idea what do you do, and with no family networks to confide in?! I suffered in Silence. The mid 30's year old police predator, and his disgusting naked body I ran away from. His disgusting podgy belly, elbow out holding his head in his hand - A revolting version of Kate Winslet in the Movie The Titanic, something I can Not erase from my mind even after all this time.

At our second home away from parental care, at the Doughty Street Flat, boyfriend Tim was quick to get me a new floppy eared bunny. A successful carpenter at trade level Tim was developing into the successful builder he established himself to be, evident at this young age - both of us teenagers during our relationship. It was from here, our second rental as a couple, where predator Kurt Slaven contacted myself out of the blue about the unresolved car theft, reattempting to put myself in a position to prey on myself again.

The reattempt at sexual assault initiated by Kurt Slaven in 2001 was clearly a plot to cover up his pedophile act of having sexual intercourse with a minor. This second encounter with the SAPOL police officer/Detective Kurt Slaven who was making a reattempt at rape, was an attempt to lure myself to a Conroe Heights area residence of Mount Gambier unknowingly for sex. This attempted sex offence in the later half of 2001, a failed attempt at sexual intercourse by a police predator. The experience was followed by my parents having a dismissive attitude towards myself within the working environment and towards myself as their daughter. Leaving me even more vulnerable, having just moved out of home, having been preyed on and raped, my family's disregard for my personal safety further negatively escalating myself into dismay. All this at the young ages of 16 and 17. By the end of 2001, working for my Mother I was dismissed from Hungry Jacks by my Dad who rang me up illegally as the Special Kitchen Hand. He was no longer a Restaurant Manager at the store, just helping my Mother maintain the store. I was Dismissed for my Mother as I would not work on the final day of my lease. Moving out of the Doughty Street property after I broke up with Tim. I had called in saying I could not work with the Shift Manager called Adam. Adam had hit upon myself dropping myself home from night shift one night at the restaurant and I did not like him from this point. A manager propositioning an employee, unethical and, in breach of employment law.

Life in a Tartarus zone - Tartarus, in Greek Mythology is the deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as the prison for the Titans - Mount Gambier the Nazi gang the Gypsy Jokers hub outside of Western Australia.

Kurt Slaven’s sexual crime and reattempt occurred with many disruptive consequences. The year 2001 in my teenage eyes did not let up with the employer sexual harassment and to add to this momentous year, I had dumped what thought was the love of my life. Working for my parents at Hungry Jack’s I ended up jobless and not allowed to move back to my parents farm property (not that I really wanted to), with an expired lease. These circumstances lead to myself living with high school bestie, Amanda and her new born baby girl.

Kurt Slaven, the SAPOL police officer and predator having just happily tried to again prey on myself - his victim AGAIN, fresh in my mind. I was not internally happy, not that anyone knew that as I was the Strong one. A hard expectation to live up to when you're being held as a victim for years and in turmoil, but I managed. The Strong one is a nice and responsible position - the person people turned to with their problems or for salvation, until you have a problem or need salvation.

The second offence of attempted sexual assault by Kurt Slaven occurring when I was just 17 years of age, this is the legal age for sexual engagement in South Australia. The Epstein like offence, unacceptable within modern society. An old man preying on a young girl - except for the grooming consent Kurt Slaven to me was that creep. The first offence having no legal grounds even with act of sex being legalised as own consent at the age of 16. I struggled for years to grasp why an old man would want to take advantage of a person that was the age of a person who could be his daughter. Kurt Slaven’s reattempt to offend also an attempt made by the police officer under duress towards a not long 17 year old - utterly inexcusable behavior from a police officer. Yet the police force of South Australia, Federal Police and even the Prime Ministers (PM) Office excused this behaviour for 6 years. PM Scott Morrison, often referred to as ‘Scumo’ by myself in this autobiography and on my social media. A member of the Evangelical church - our First Prime Minister of this church, chose to be professionally known as ‘ScoMo’. The unprofessional combo being obtained from his first and last name, a gimmick to make a stuffy questionable individual with no real idea about real life relatable. Genuine Christianity something I Very much respect and follow, falsehoods I do not. Evidently with years under his belt feigning interest in National Integrity Scumo proved to be Nothing more than a man Glorified in Faith but without Jesus. The Liberal government of Scumo, under his leadership allowed George Pell to be released back into society. A much publicised priest famous for hiding pedophilia and being trialled for his own pedophile offences. Scumo using Christianity as a cover for many inhumane and immoral short comings including allowing Kurt Slaven and SAPOL to go unaddressed regarding Royal Commision into SAPOL for a great length of time with knowledge that I was a police force made rape victim and the Australian Police Force was heavily gang compromised.

After these events occuring in succession as a teenager I ended up telling my parents I hated them at the end of the year 2001 and that "I don't need you", as they did dismiss me from my employment with Hungry Jack’s and left myself without accommodation for not doing as I was told. My parents Wrong with whatever they were thinking in 2001. Seemingly a police fueled decision made in the shadows of Kurt Slavens offence with Craig Spence (yet to be introduced) in 2017 shedding light on this moment when he stated I had been accused of being a prostitute to Kurt Slaven. Shocking to think that at 16 years of age my parents' solution to such an accusation was to leave me at the whim of such a lie. SO many false facts revealed to myself about myself after Gordon Hamm was tragically murdered in 2014. I am sure that this malicious accusation with no facts or basis was what actually influenced the decision to dismiss my employment. My parents never apologised for the dismissal of my position or for leaving myself nearly homeless and I know at the time I WAS NOT, NEVER have been and NEVER would be a prostitute. I have Never really forgave them for disregarding my life - how do you trust adults/parents that abandon you as a teenager. Especially after I was raped by someone around their age and when I needed someone. My parents with biker friends writing this autobiography, I knew my family were behind the prostitute rumours as with the corrupt police officer’s using prostitutes. The police purposely made up the lie to cover up Kurt Slaven’s crime seemingly and feeding it to my family. Luke Hubert Scheidl telling me I was being sold to Kurt Slaven by a pimp, explained why a taxi was pushed on myself to transport me to Conroe Heights. Whatever the facts, a Royal Commission into SAPOL would not allow the truth to be hidden as SAPOL hoped for years. 7 South Australian Judges hearing my name with false allegations NEVER made against myself personally, 1 judge in Victoria at the least. Endless fabricated investigations and false Freedom of Information (FOI) FOI withheld from myself by the police force in fear of my defamation lawsuit. Malicious accusations with no basis or facts out of control being spread for decades in South Australia and a decade across states Nationally extending to International reputational damage. If the false statement is made in order to bring about a conviction or an acquittal, which I know it was - the maximum penalty is 14 years.

Myself without suffering almost a decade of defamation having lost years of earnings I would have accumulated from Criminal law practise after Kurt Slaven's offence. The trauma prevented myself from taking on Legal Studies after my gap year - 1 year deferral from Flinders University. The damages - reputational, physical and emotional sought against members of the Australian Police Force, policing operations and falsified statements plus punitive damages excessive of hundreds of millions of dollars. The Conclusion Chapter - Part 2 book of this Autobiography irrefutably revealing the manipulation of ICAC South Australia and Bruce Lander, an ex Judge who with SAPOL manipulated justice for years in efforts to decriminalise prostitution before National Integrity caught the National Police Force and Every State Police Force hiding the crimes of police using prostitutes and the undercover police/informants that were really committing the most henious crimes, drug dealing and falsified acquittal.

This use of informants illegal, especially illegal against innocent and uninvolved persons - the use of criminals, was something that after 6 years of witnessing mistakes and false claims was Really pissing me off. Myself being labelled by the government and SAPOL as a police officer for half a decade with no crimes to which could validate court proceedings myself, I wanted to absolutely squash this practise. Having made recommendations on informant procedures, I got my opportunity to prove the practice not fit for purpose. Damian Ferrari of VICPOL not only stating that they don't use informants - a lie, but stating that the percentage of investigations compromised with the use of informants is almost 100 percent. A Fact which after heard had me ponder for years, how the f**k this practice was still going on an ongoing basis. I focused on false, unsubstantiated evidence provided to police. Covert Recordings. There being various reasons why someone might want to record a phone call, including to gather incriminating evidence against another person - informants trying to exchange false intel to avoid the consequences of serious crimes, for a free ride. I enjoyed bringing the reality that it is normally against the law to record a phone call without the other person’s consent. In fact, ‘covertly’ (secretly) using a listening device such as a mobile phone or digital recorder and publishing or otherwise distributing that material can amount to a criminal offence. Something I witnessed first had was persons trying to audio record conversations in desperation to cover up the involvement in the sex industry and drug trafficking. Numerous illegal recordings taken during the Gordon Hamm investigation, I was requested by Aaron Roche of VICPOL to provide something more solid as evidence. I was also on record as a cop. Facts that disappointed many wannabes and associates of the police force attempting to develop and run gangs.

I forgave myself for trusting adults and my parents, as you do in a child - parent relationship, over and over again. During my 30’s my parents repeated calis like behavior, this time in front of VICPOL and the Australian Police Force. Having no one but kids like myself to confide in after Kurt Slavens sexual crime, and a broken family relationship at 16 years of age I gave up on going to University. Enrolled at Flinders University Adelaide in Justice and Society to transfer into Barrister Studies I had deferred for 1 year after finishing year 12. The prospects of being a Successful Criminal Lawyer shattered by rape and emotional distress. An ‘A’ Grade student with High Distinctions throughout my school studies. I loved High School yet my ‘A’ Grades were Never good enough for my parents and it showed with every report card lecture that focused on my talking in class and forgot that I was the Top of the class. Admittedly, I talked A LOT in class. Sent out of class and assigned to pick up papers often during High School, I am Highly Academic and also Highly Rebellious, prone to not always doing as I am told. My English teacher Mr Fox deserves credit for his encouragement and patience, possibly for refining my literature finesse and legal basics too. A Superstar teacher, I would sit on the ground in front of the heater and smash out my English studies. The separation of eye level actually made me talk less and more productive, Mr Fox was one of those extraordinary teachers that could teach Any individual student and engage all personalities productively.

Because I thought my parents were too mean I had spent years at school telling all my friends I would move out of home as soon as I got my ‘P’ plates because of the pressure at home to be perfect. My parents, high achievers, wanted me to achieve highly also. Growing up in a very strict home environment with high expectations and isolation due to living on a regional farm - a half an hour drive from the city no one was surprised when I moved out after obtaining my ‘P’ plates let alone when I shunned my parents at this moment after moving out of home. Highly sensitive, I wrote expressive poetry with my friends throughout much of High School. Mr Barton, the drama teacher recognising my writing as lyrical encouraged my outgoing character and vocal ability as a showcase. Credit to All the Amazing Teachers out there, I like to think that after over 15 years of Aquatics Teaching that I made a small difference with individuals learning a skill for life.

Working as an Aquatics Teacher in my last year of High School and was working for the Government in the Disabilities Sector into my mid 20’s. My employment as a Aquatics Teacher, a primary and second employment at times. From an upper middle class lifestyle at home and an Independent woman Aquatics Teaching did not always provide lifestyle fulfilling hours working Disabilities and Real Estate to afford life independently out of home.

Working as a Disabilities Officer for the South Australian Government in 2003, I actioned a Human Rights movement whistle blowing neglect and sexual abuse in the government sector. This experience I had with a Government Department preparing myself for whistle-blowing SAPOL. UGLY HEROS part of whistle-blowing numerous policing departments, aligned institutions and criminal cover ups from 2014 until print. My life endangered during investigations by compromised police reporting corruption I witnessed, with TAFE SA Government Investigation Certification I was issued in 2016 I made recommendations and wrote an Interim Report for the Royal Commission into SAPOL which you can read in Chapter 9 of this book.

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