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Updated: May 27

Autobiography of Marcia Anita Hobbs


Human Rights Matter. I am, the misuse and abuse of association laws for police and political gain. I am, The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement.

Release of the publication was set for September 14th 2019. Released in 2020. An Autobiography reflecting Kurt Slavens irrefutable guilt. Sex offending against myself, a 16 year old minor, a mid 30's SAPOL detective. And a hideous cover up plot within SAPOL. Guilt obtained with much evidence, admissions to fellow officers of sexual engagement, falsified documentation, malpractice and corrupt activities surrounding the investigation. Revelations conclusively determined December 2019. The Ugly Heros biography reproof further unraveling the Rights violations, corrupt actions of the Anti Corruption commission and the determination of a need for a Royal Commission into SAPOL.

I hope you are gripped, touched, moved and uplifted by my soul bearing Autobiography. Written for resolution to the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement, acknowledging the tragic loss of Mr Gordon Hamm and the revelations of a long term compromised police force.


‘A world untold’

"I didn’t realise but it changed me. What Slaven did, his threat, all that was orchestrated to follow.

At Doughty Street Tim was quick to get me a new floppy eared bunny. A successful carpenter at trade level Tim was developing into the successful builder he established himself to be, evident at this young age - both of us teenagers during our relationship. It was from here, our second rental as a couple, a rental on Doughty Street, where a reattempt at sexual assault was initiated. The second incident with SAPOL police officer making a reattempt at rape in the Conroe Heights area of Mount Gambier. This attempted sex offence was in the later half of 2001. The SAPOL police officer now preying on a not long seventeen years of age young lady. The mid 30 year old police predator and his disgusting naked body, podgy belly, elbow out holding his head in his hand, something I can Not erase from my mind even after all this time."


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