• Marcia HOBBS

Consequences of Strategic Narcissism

The consequences, momentum and action needed after Strategic Narcissism Plans are implemented.

Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement.

"Bikers in Australia gaining further power and control within Australia using extortion. Australian politicians and a broadly compromised police force heavily involved and out of control when organised crime began to colluded against the association laws in 2012. Strategic narcissism legislation not fit for purpose from implementation. A short 4 years after ‘the world’s toughest anti-bikie laws’ were introduced, these breach of Human Rights, Constitution and Privacy laws proved furthermore unlawful when applied. Police Bruitality and gang like violence, including sex crimes against minors; driven, engaged and encouraged by the Australian Police Force the sole reason behind the biker’s in Australia aligning."

"Australia's Crimes Legislation Amendments (Serious and Organised Crime) Act 2010 were some of the worst breaches to Human Rights globally amongst developed society. Allowing for large scale corruption and global racketeering from our Country."


*Australia's Crimes Legislation Amendment (Serious and Organised Crime) Act 2010 Reform.

*Measures to Combat Serious and Organised Crime Act 2001 Reform.

*Bill of Rights Australia.

*All Court Jurisdictions Nationally to be notified regarding ANY citizen(s) is active in or relevant to a Royal Commission(s) State or Nationally.

*Powers to Compel witnesses and documents.

*Court proceedings for all criminal charges.

*Exemption to Self Incriminate with No Rights of Silence.

*Public Disclosure Discretions.

*Regulated Media access to hearings; subject to confidentiality, approval for disclosures and hearing type.

*50% application of Royal Commission findings resolutions to be applied to the investigated government sector.

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