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Updated: May 25, 2021

"The most dangerous people in the world are not the tiny minority instigating evil acts, but those who do the acts for them."

A 2 BOOK PUBLICATION the title documenting The Road To Resolution in the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement with A Real-time Authored Conclusion.

Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement. 2 x US Trade size 152 x 228 mm, Gloss Cover - 350 gsm, Pages of Autobiography - Envirocare 80 gsm, Additional Documentation - Envirocare 80 gsm, Colour photos and additional information: Satin 113 gsm edition.

HISTORICAL and Royal Commission into SAPOL making Biography UGLY HEROS - The price of Unlawful Enforcement.

Gripping accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. Autobiography of Marcia Anita Hobbs, Human Rights Activist, AUSTRALIA.

‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®️’

UGLY HEROS The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement Autobiography


'Australian Police members stalking myself with my personal device to continue their corrupt character assassination span for at the least over a decade. A person of petite stature and female, I am socially vulnerable. Social vulnerability statistically proven to be associated with greater fear of crime. Facing many situations where police failed to protect myself, I was often forced into actions of self defense. The malicious accusations with no basis or facts so out of control I found myself having to countless protect my reputation and livelihood, not just my life from persons stemming from South Australia and even during Reckless Endangerment to Northern Territory. My Human Rights non existence, I spent much time calling out compromising actions. Even sleeping with a weapon was an action I had taken to keep myself safe. At best, half of the police force looking out for my welfare insufficiently against an unprecedented level of corruption within the Australian Police Force.

Quoting a statement about the revelations of pedophilia within the Catholic Church - “The truth does free you even if it is unpalatable Truth.”

Truth, Justice and Altruism. Irrefutable need for a Royal Commission into SAPol, Advocacy for a Bill of Rights Australia and proof that Freemasonry, like the reverend Catholic Church has its flaws.'

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