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Prohibition on torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

A 2 BOOK PUBLICATION the title documenting The Road To Resolution in the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement with A Real-time Authored Conclusion.

Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement. Published in 2020, 2 x US Trade size 152 x 228 mm, Gloss Cover - 350 gsm, Pages of Autobiography - Envirocare 80 gsm, Additional Documentation - Envirocare 80 gsm, Colour photos and additional information: Satin 113 gsm edition.

HISTORICAL and Royal Commission into SAPOL making Biography UGLY HEROS - The price of Unlawful Enforcement.

Gripping accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. Autobiography of Marcia Anita Hobbs, Human Rights Activist, AUSTRALIA.

‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®️’


'The Road to Resolution'

'A police station with confidentiality issues through the roof, half the town had heard of the issues that stemmed from the homicide in 2014. This knowledge was common well before I released this autobiographies manuscript in drafting. In real time writing and mapping out facts as I authored the irrefutable truth. The police force circulating many malicious accusations with no basis or facts the rumour of myself having had a relationship with married at the time Kurt Slaven was revolting. No one was swallowing the relationship lie in the small community unless they involved in the institutional targeting. I wondered if this was why married SAPOL officer Darryl Peter Wright was trying to ruin his marriage around myself, was perception part of his motivation also, not just that he had infidelity to hide. Hearing about this rumour in 2017 and this revolting malicious accusations with no basis or facts continuing through 2019 made myself constantly feel emotionally ill and very emotionally distressed. To make matters worse it was put upon myself to work out the timeline and correct the false statement and PIMS Report myself 2017. Confirmation surrounding the sexual assault date being irrefutably to have occured before my 17th birthday confirming I was 16 years of age at the time of the offence. Renting the Margaret Street property in the first half of 2001. Rental history confirmed that I was Only 16 years of age, a minor in South Australia, attacked by a mid 30’s detective. SAPOL found to have knowingly and willingly changed the date of the accident investigated by Kurt Slaven. The white VH Commodore reentered deliberately false in the database in preparation to cover Kurt Slavens offending against myself as a minor. I knew at the time, writing the statement with Katie Dalton, and expressed that the offence I believed was against myself as a minor. The cover up showing SAPOL was and had intentionally gone to this extent in cover up to protect, as referenced - a pedophile. I knew the detective that picked me up was Kurt Slaven. An investigation clearly initiated with the intention to have sex with me at the least under duress. I was Confident he was my offender, I knew reporting to Katie Dalton Kurt Slaven was a pedophile. Recalling the minor details was devastating and being forced to remember for the investigation bringing back mixed emotions of hate and guilt. Especially since I was aware Kurt Slaven was an offender against others. I could NOT understand in 2019 why Kurt Slaven after much evidence and guilt confessions was still not behind bars. Until I was told my own Father was being used to provide malicious accusations with no basis or facts again to cover up his associations with crimes. My family by 2020 I did not trust and would not forgive for everything they did that seen myself tortured and suffer. I even regretted stand up for my Father's life in 2012 when he nearly died because of his dealings with bikers.

The revelation of myself being 16 years of age at the time of the sex offence and the timeline revelation in evidence should have convicted Kurt Slaven. It would have Anyone else. The lack of action explaining the further desperation displayed by SAPOL in making relationship claims about a police offenders crime against a minor. I barely slept for days, not able to comprehend the enormity of the situation as being real. These revelations laying the foundations of Royal Commission history. Myself, stuck in Sesame Street with the muppets. Police puppets and the false reality of malicious accusations with no basis or facts until at this stage two powerful police officers Kurt Slaven and Damian Ferrari were charged, plus numerous offenders. The degrading treatment I was suffering was excruciating. Years of malicious accusations with no basis or facts causing severe pain and suffering, both physical and mental torture intentionally inflicted on my person for such purposes as obtaining a false confession for false accusations. Police also using exposing myself to investigative footage concerning my parents and other third person information for intel and to coerce a false confession. I was punished for acts third person, including family members had committed and were suspected of having committed. I lived in uncertainty and fear. Reckless endangered, emotionally distressed with numerous events which caused bodily harm. A 24 hour headache - constant headaches, I regretted everyday and every decision I had ever made to do the Right thing during the degradation and intimidation I was tortured with. The bittersweet reality was I had always been punished for Doing the Right thing. The story of a whistleblower under corrupt government. Like reporting neglect in disabilities, I was targeted and tortured as the character assassination tried to tear me up. Pushed out of my position and back into aquatics teaching in 2006, teaching holidays without pay, not ambitious enough for myself as an budding entrepreneur. It seems I am Always the whistleblower. Having a love hate relationship with being moral and ethical yet I wouldn’t change a thing and that was killing me. Internationally there is a prohibition on torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. At the Commonwealth level, complaints about the activities of public officials, including those acting on behalf of security and intelligence agencies may be made to the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, and the Commonwealth Ombudsman. Complaints about the Australian Federal Police may be made under the Complaints (Australian Federal Police) Amendment Act 1994.

Life was devastating, the same after Kurt Slaven sexual crimes. The tortures and torment I endured was the same. Degradation, dehumanization subjected to the cruelty of my pets murdered and inhuman, degrading treatment of homelessness - eviction. The difference being all these years later I could recognise the replication, the inhuman and degrading treatment, the perceptive games and I knew who was behind the malicious accusations with no basis or facts. This desperate facade was what Kurt Slaven wanted back in 2001 after the offence and my family wanted to hide their greed for power. At any cost the efforts to character assassinate my image for years after years of myself not knowing and then for myself to be left helpless and alone suffering psychological torture I finally found the strength to reject my family. It’s a disgusting yet provoked emotional rollercoaster. Physical and psychological torture illegally trying to drive a person to false confession or suicide. Saturated and surrounded by my uncle's malicious accusations with no basis or facts and petty Gypsy Joker associates of my Fathers plus a gang of boys heavily associated with questionable activities and corrupt police like Kurt Slaven, detective Modra and Cook of the late 90’s in the Mount Gambier Police Station. Associating with corrupt officers Darryl Peter Wright, David Kyriacou, Aaron Roche and Tim Young from 2014 these police using illegal torture techniques and reckless endangerment excused felon after felon to try and cover up the abuses and illegal actions regarding the use of my life by police forces.

Jason Parker spreading STD's for 15 years after having an on record positive test and knowing felon boys involved in the homicide of Gordon Hamm and knowing of the COA gang when I met him should have rang credibility alarm bells. Jason, the partner I had in 2002 and Michelle Alexander of SAPOL told me Jason parker lied to Katie Dalton when questioned regarding Kurt Slaven's offence. An abusive partner and a felon by 2015 Jason Parker during our teenage relationship would constantly threatening to kill himself when I would break up with him. His domestic violence nearly killing myself as he attempted stove his car after driving through the Penola Road roundabout erratically in his grey EF Ford. Busting a tyre smashing into the curb, a curb where I as the passenger looked to be heading toward the stobie pole. His reasons for the out burst, I refused to buy him a $25 bag of Marijuana (2.5grams max). Jason was a heavy weed smoker throughout my time of knowing him. This was fine, I have nothing against a plant that is globally legalising and should never have been made illegal, especially if alcohol and tobacco are legal which are way more destructive.

Nearly being killed over a bag of weed he should have never wondered why I dumped him - no brainer.

Jason was one of the worst boyfriend's I broke up with, constantly damaging the property, damage that even my brother suffered through paying for. Suicidal he had even tried to stab himself in the stomach one time when I broke up with him after threatening suicide - emotional abuse his forte. Jason had A Lot of mental health issues, I don't judge a person's pain. But I was Always concerned for Jason’s stability, many people were. He was on a downer a lot back then, cranking Slipknot when we met. He introduced me to a lot of metal outside of what I was already listening to, I listened to triple j and was more mainstream or old school tunes. It took A lot of effort to reach a point where Jason and I were just friends after the break ups. Being someone I confided in regarding Kurt Slaven being a rapist, the trauma bond created an emotional space where we were both at that this time as teens thought we'd always remain friends, so we did. Until Jason drugged and raped me with Carl Brodie in 2015. To find out Jason lied from Michelle during Adam Browns investigation in 2018 and then to hear some of the malicious accusations with no basis or facts he had made about me was disgusting to say the least. Jason Parker an on record STD concern, I wondered if his obsession with me and his positive STD test in 2005 coupled with Mark Moreland involvement in the Gordon Hamm homicide and also motivated by his friendship with Grant Moreland was behind the lies. I’ve never liked Grant, he was not a very nice person and I avoided him when Jason and I were in a relationship. Jason going to a different high school to me and was 3 years older than myself, a student at Mount Gambier High School. Grant was a known to police felon, a drug dealer and person I had nothing to do with. Having taken Jason’s TV and a few other things for debts a few months into our relationship when Jason was staying with me in my flat I acquired on Lake Terrace West across from the Lakes Resort Motel and old Mount Gambier Hospital I knew Grant was bad news.

The flat acquired as my parents after Kurt Slavens offending they were apparently unaware of were unwilling to have myself move home, Jason had permanent residence with his parents.

At Lake Terrace being where I disclosed to Jason about Kurt Slavens offending. Jason’s friends were older than me by a few years yet only a couple had their own properties. Jason's friends did not visit Lake Terrace much. I would Not let dealers like Grant at my rental property. The rental was my rental, Jason could not just bring anyone around.

While breaking up with my very first serious boyfriend Tim, I had been seeing a boy - Johno. I had known him and his friends from Kongorong Football Club and West Gambier where my Father coached. David Bradley was in this group of football players and I hated him at this time. Liking his brother Craig, who then was nice. I dated none of these boys.

Entering a fresh relationship with Jason, who I met while still dating Tim also. Jason and I had different friends. Not a sports club player, just played bass guitar in bands during high school and for years at local pubs after high school. Mount Gambier growing in its population as a local you knew people, but for myself from the smallest high school and schools in the area - Regional, outskirt, farm schools. I had Nothing to do with many of Jason’s older friends. Until 2019 when it seems Jason and his friend Luke Ryan proved to be part of Affray linked to disgraced biker Graham Young.

Myself anticipating resolution, I lived in the clouds, staying high as I was feeling low. The police wanting myself at a low emotionally, elongating charges deliberately to indulge in my suffering. I was living though real life illegal torture as an innocent, an accused, untrialled victim.

A lot of the cover ups designed to Conflate and Confuse a man made enigma so real in unreal conducted engaged by all in association with a controversial and unconstitutional control agenda governing policing and influencing the drug war.

Living the same psychological game designed to character assassinate and break you down, and all they thought need was time. I am Not so easily broken.

This suffering alone was the reason why I found it SO hard and almost impossible to Really forgive my family and my so-called friends - the ones of deliberate absence or chosen displacement in this period. Opportunists, not friends. Time was the Key to the character assasination game, an no win game for those involved as this autobiography manuscript went public as I wrote it. Allowing less time for games, defamation and general slanderous activity to settle. Less time for malicious accusations with no basis or facts to manifest. Everyone well aware of the truth, the desperate cover up by 2020, days were numbered for Kurt Slaven lies, association set ups and the governing defamation game. I understood why in the past people have been Scared speaking out against the police - people scared of gangs and bad police, bullied and set up also. Character assasination regarding a person with no criminal history - like myself was misleading, malicious and most definitely this was the aim of the cover up.

Persons that were supposed to protect myself - Us All, Police and Government were spreading STD’s like wildfire through communities for 10 years without due concern. Australia with few states legislated in regards to STD law not just responsibility in 2020. 20 years of known STD gang violence concerns existing in South Australia. These concerns the final catastrophe decisions I witnessed during investigations, discovering conclusively this threat after the devastating threads and links to the underworld were exposed. Exposing a corrupt system in desperate need of a Royal Commission. Myself used and discarded by my own was family unforgivable malicious, and those few so-called friends who tried for petty benefits adding to my suffering during a cover up stemming over a decade devastating.

Feeling alone in the fight for justice though not entirely alone, the words of my brands slogan could not have rung truer. After all I had witnessed and endured ‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness.’ I was not Scared of sharing the truth of what Kurt Slaven did to me anymore, I was not scared of anything really. Except, I was scared to be in a room with him (Kurt Slaven). The disgusting creep going to this extent to cover up his offending I was scared because of what I would feel - like killing him. Angry and scared to look at him and see the pleasure he was clearly gaining from the cover up and his sexual behaviour. The psychological warfare was easy by 2019, I had proved to be my own psychological authority regardless of the inability to live without surveillance. Beating every feeling, every emotion, every game to see justice and resolution for what Kurt Slaven had done was worth it all, and at this time I was built for it. A machine, not believing in love and that’s the one thing that kept me going. The fight at the end wasn’t worth it without the Human Rights helping other people, the resolution verses the suffering was not worth it - nothing could pay for what had been done to me. Money to someone who was happy to earn their own money is worthless. You can't compensate such malicious accusations with no basis or facts, institutional harassment spanning over a decade, revenge porn that lead to stalking and bodily harm or being used as 'rape bait'.

Being made to feel bad for reporting Kurt Slaven as a sex offender was a very disturbing experience. Being made to feel guilty and bad for being emotional - having feelings and expressing those feelings was what SAPOL spent their time on instead of resolution. Emotional distress with police provoking these feelings and emotions with years of targeting, allowing sexual crimes to be committed against myself, my victims rights dismissed, dehumanisation and illegal corruption - with criminal and commonwealth comprimes, I did not feel bad for expressing my emotions. I was entitled to expression, especially throughout the year of 2019 and 2020. SAPOL and VICPOL members the persons that made me feel emotional distress did not deserve my respect. Treating them accordingly. Everyone deserves to be treated like a Human Being, heard as victim and I was going to be heard, not ignored. Sadly the only way that had the Police Force listen was to have myself behave as outrageous and out of control as they were. Public accountability, the other key to change due to the constant rejection of reports against the police sector by the South Australian Police Association.

Condemned for Trauma blocking as a teenager. Trauma blocking is an effort to block out and overwhelm residual painful feelings due to trauma and not remembering every petty, disgusting detail of an ordeal of over 15 years ago. The POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement (Inclusion Part 1) included much detail and many annexures, with support documents including date discrepancy regarding the VH vehicle registration, accident date and residential rental history. It was vulgar and insensitive being questioned regarding extremely intimate details of sexual assault the way I experienced with a new officer amending Katie Dalton’s statement in 2018 just as unpleasant as months prior. The ordeal of writing the statement spanning over a year. Kylie Hammonds amendments to the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement to the correct date of 2001 in 2018 had her state in conversation that she was deliberately try to get myself to remember the ordeal. A horrendous ordeal, trauma blocked being provoked by trauma was ludicrous logic let alone duty of care. Years to write the statement while SAPOL worked a cover up case against the victim. The torture of conversing with myself trying to force every detail down to penis and vagina breakdowns as description, was preposterous. Beating a victim with confronting commentary for petty details which clearly were traumatic. Myself, anxious and having an uncontrollable teeth chatter writing the statement with Katie Dalton in the Mount Gambier police station in the later half of 2017 was enough to show the true distress of the reporting. Trauma blocking had this disgusting memory where it belonged - where I didn’t remember it all, thank god. I had described how he buried the condom and threatened me, the sex act and personal details - I could not work out what else SAPOL wanted. Reading my statement against Kurt Slaven initially written by Katie Dalton, Chapter 1 (Part 1 Inclusion) you have a clear description of Kurt Slaven and the sex crime he committed and attempted. Documents regarding my residence that the neglectful investigation failed to check in 2017 to prove 2001 to be the accurate and correct year of the offences. Clearly in contradiction to the dates entered - changed within the SAPOL database. A PIMS Report created during a system upgrade to cover up Kurt Slaven's pedophile offence. Irrefutable evidence of a clerical date change by SAPOL. My description of the inside of the Conroe residence where Kurt Slaven tried to re-offend also irrefutable. The fact that Kurt Slaven wrote a false statement about knowing myself with Adam Brown also an irrefutable perversion of the course of justice in guilt. Kurt Slaven had also spoken of my persons to other police officers, contradictory of his statement. With the dates also not correlating with the accident involving 2 cars which lead to the theif and sex crimes committed - An irrefutable cover up. Why else would anyone need to lie in a statement, change details in a system and spend years harassing myself to cover up his guilt if he wasn’t guilty.

TIMELY FACT: Kurt Slaven had discussed sexual engagement with myself to other police officers since 2014, including David Kyriacou and also prior to myself reporting him in 2014. Kurt Slaven spoke of myself numerous times during these years since I reported his offending against myself before and after constructing a false statement claiming to not know me. All this irrefutable evidence of a crime and a cover up was conclusive in the year 2018. Kurt Slavens discussions proved that his statement was false, with the details submitted to ICAC, courts and police also by 2018. VICPOL had determined that Kurt Slaven should have been charged in 2018 but did not push SAPOL to act on this charge. The vehicle and residential history provided by myself from my own investigating proving the cover up irrefutably and Kurt Slaven's guilt without charges and conviction formally laid against Kurt Slaven by 2020. A historical cover up and impossible as a victim to comprehend.

“It is Friday March 15th 2019, 6:45 am and I sit and wait as I have for many mornings since November 2014 waiting for justice regarding reporting police sex offender Kurt Slaven. ‘Brexit’ and Formula 1 is all over the news, Daniel Ricciardo - The Superstar! Such a Driver and Australian. I’ve been up since 2 am, again. My Saturday night on a Sunday morning, just a morning, Every morning until you get here.” - Me and my quest to find that boy, “I’m not a boy, I’m a man!” “I Love You” “Every hole” Travis. The profile, the boy that was clearly Tim Young of VICPOL before Darryl Peter Wright and David Kyriacou of SAPOL in 2016 - conversation I was generally grateful for. Tim, my first Travis was just one more guy to add to my secret admirers saving my life list. Smittened, so was I - for a little while.

It was Such a plot to protect clearly A lot of misconduct and malpractice that needed to be addressed. The misconduct reports reviewed contributing to much of the new regulations and recommendations for SAPOL. Reports of Malpractice extensive and surrounding reports to and regarding the Integrity commission were in conflict of resolution and privacy and Federal laws. Australia’s 4 highlighted Human Rights including the right to resolution all present on the government website at the beginning of 2019 by the end of 2019 had been a priority for the website revamp to be removed. The liberal government determined to hide and continue as much corrupt conduct whilst in government as possible. The fact that Kurt Slaven had been proven guilty for 2 year and the spread of STD has crossed 4 states was out of control. The road to resolution having No resolution detrimental to the state. I can’t imagine what would have become of our state without the truth overturning such conduct.'

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