• Marcia HOBBS

Mike Rann, Don Dunstan and notorious pedophile Bevan Spencer von Einem

"The conduct you read about throughout this autobiography is Truly Abhorrent. Evidently illegal, explicit at times and was Impossible to have occurred without the will of the government. A state Labor government hiding their floundering actions from my reports of neglect and serious criminal conduct in the Disabilities Sector having a serious influence on the angle the police force took to cover up criminal conduct in the policing sector.

Both Liberal and Labor governments governed the serving police forces while I reported police corruption. The Right and Left wing belong to the same bird when it comes to elite crimes I learnt first hand. A member of an elite, social prestigious family myself I was not willing to be discarded as a woman by powerful men. Government or Police I did not care, I was not going to be ignored whistleblowing the policing sector like the disabilities sector managed. The policing sector despite many police officers aware of the severe state of compromise predominantly whistle blown by myself alone in a 6 year fight for justice and resolution. A character assassination campaign so intense to avoid any Credit to my persons. The discrediting of my word was constant for years as I was Not only revealing the years of policing compromises to my life but the Mike Rann governments criminal conduct in governance. The illegal operations - administrative cover ups of criminal offending against clients of the Disabilities Sector, but also Mike Rann (MP) association with notorious Adelaide pedophile Bevan Spencer von Einem. Don Dunstan (MP) also rumoured to be one of the desperate and vile sex offenders trying to for their lifetime to supress their names as engaging in elite pedophile parties, picking up boys around gay bars and like-minded known hangouts.

The plot of the Disabilities Sector administrative corruption was covering up the NON EXISTENCE police investigation of the raped spastic women that could not communicate the criminal offending committed against her - her pain and suffering. Under Government care in the Sharley House facility under state Labor Rann Government, no rape kits tests ever conducted was a disgrace emerged with the compromised investigations of the Police Force. Such unruly attacks on my life unveiling the underlying agenda of political gain through association. The misuse and abuse of association laws for police and political gain. Strategic narcissism policies and strategies created based on perception rather than on what the situation regarding biker clubs demanded. The assumptions that underpined these policies and strategies often going unchallenged provided deceptive rational for foley for over a decade.

Foley I was the bearer of at the hand of my family, a government that wanted to cover up ignoring serious crimes against disabled persons and a police force that wanted to cover up a prostitution industry it was heavily involved in which was made up majority in part of 13 - 18 year old children, many 10 - 13 year olds spoken of by sex industry workers. Outrageous Facts, this autobiography lays the Ugly truth out boldly, bluntly and not withholding the disgusting detail to which all walks of life overlooked for petty benefits. Never in life is there a time where Human Rights don't matter."

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