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Updated: May 25, 2021

A 2 BOOK PUBLICATION the title documenting The Road To Resolution in the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement with A Real-time Authored Conclusion. Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement. 2 x US Trade size 152 x 228 mm, Gloss Cover - 350 gsm, Pages of Autobiography - Envirocare 80 gsm, Additional Documentation - Envirocare 80 gsm, Colour photos and additional information: Satin 113 gsm edition. HISTORICAL and Royal Commission into SAPOL making Biography UGLY HEROS - The price of Unlawful Enforcement. Gripping accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. Autobiography of Marcia Anita Hobbs, Human Rights Activist, AUSTRALIA. ‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®️’

"When I reported my dog being shaved at his penis the police didn’t have Any real concern at the time. Showing them my unharmed but touched dog - Kuta I expressed someone had been near my dog - a younger officer attended the scene and still showed no concern, sleazy officer Matthew Jennings I believe. I pushed for a report to be made with veterinary records also dated 29/08/2014, numerous witnesses who visual sighted Kuta also as evidence. 5 persons witnesses to this incident, the shaving of Kuta the Kelpie/Fox Terrier cross at the penis, family and police personnel. Recognition of the police involvement in case meddling and the terrorism surrounding my life. A lot due to Luke Hubert Scheidl's self confessions of personal and police activity during the year of 2014. The actions of police and persons trying to inflict psychological suffering upon myself - anyone something I loathe. My self-defense actions taking a 'play me, I'll play you' unforgiving demeanour. Forever a believer an Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, I was not going to have my kindness be mistaken as weakness in Any circumstances.

David Kyriacou head print was also reported to the Mount Gambier station and police ombudsman. A distinct oily print in the dust as it was left on the outside of the lounge front window from the night of the issuing of intervention order against recorded offender in Gordon Hamm homicide. David Kyriacou must have been leaning against the window listening to myself and Luke Hubert Scheidl, for most of this night to leave such a clear print I could pick it when I communicated with him following the incident in the kitchen of 69 Penold Road.

I reported a stolen car key to this officer, Cou Cou, during this period and at the time, on this day, I stated to the big boy thief it was this officers ear on the window. When I pointed this out the shaved officer cou cou stepped back from me, acknowledging this identification and tried then to have his head facing forward in conversation from here. Despite reporting the incident and giving valid and valuable information to stop the gang related theft of the FPV vehicle the thieves stole this car. Which was Exactly what SAPOL wanted to play out. STARForce in communication with a neighbouring house. Myself personally immobilising the vehicle before the theft only to be frowned upon by the police and Jason Parker. At this stage it was clear Jason wanted the car stolen also, the overworked motor a dud purchase. I had even rigged the garage roll door to not operate, information somehow shared with the thieves. When I fixed the vehicle, I removed the golf balls from the exhaust but did not fix the garage roller door operation. I had immobilised the car as the thieves had been threatening me and theft for months prior. The whole town, so to speak, knowing of and who stole the FPV car - everyone except the cops apparently even though they had the most info."

"By this stage in the saga I had actually been out the back of the police station, like seen the cells. 30 year highlight. During this experience an officer around my age propositions me. This was at the finger printing station. Quiet and Sly. ‘I’m in processing’ I thought, your kidding me! Known among many girls to be a sleaze and a cheat the sleaze remarks went without acknowledgement from me. Only to bare the fruits of a scorned boy in rejection and pride later on - the same scorned attacks towards myself from Darryl Peter Wright, David Kyriacou and Tim Young whom I stated I would not catch up with him in Melbourne after he implied he wanted myself to move over to his property and work commitments changed his mind. All 4 men - boys, ganging together like teenages in 2019 to spread much nasty and defamatory gossip about myself across the Nation. Desperate actions taken by desperate men to cover up their illegal involvement with the illegal prositution industry and gang behavior. Matthew Jennings and Darryl Peter Wright contributing heavily to much of the defamation I endured due to rejecting these men in basic propositions. The scorned defamation from 2017 I endured for years to come, basically until the Royal Commission. I reported sleaze - Matthew Jennings, and he immediately began his character assasionation - defamation campaign. Matthew Jennings even rumoured that I have said I had sex with him. Formalised in a statement. Big leap from the truth. You wish creep!

He at this point joined officer Cou Cou, his team leader and associated with the spotlight officer in covering up the fact that I knew they were unethical cops."

"Grant Moyle was moved to Mount Gambier by Duells Removalists, whom employed numerous ICE dealing felons linked to Graham Young and the death of Gordon Hamm after the homicide. Disgraced Superintendent Grant Moyle sharing a beer with accessory to murder and convicted felon David Bradley, as his boxes were unpacked. This boy, the minion, to which Grant Moyle drank with coming to my property after his meeting with disgraced Grant Moyle and aggressively making accusations and statements about myself and Kyriacou regarding an informant arrangement. An incident to which resulted in David Bradley jailed for the offence. Darryl Peter Wright allowing David Bradley to evade a severe drink driving fine like a reward for the aggressive behavior. David Bradley in 2016 had also told me Paul Griffiths had made the accusations of sexual engagement, a blatant lie and disgusting, to get out of my irrefutable complaint that he compromised my life by telling Graham Young I was speaking to Aaron Roche. Also conclusively aligning SAPOL with all forms of illegal industry across the state.

Superintendent Grant Moyle was quietly retired after illegally locking myself up at the Mount Gambier police station and making a personal visit of intimidation and harassment to eyeball myself while I read James Comeys autobiography A Higher Loyalty. He was replaced during the writing of this autobiography after also having his staff moved around the state by criminals they had made convictions and evidence bookings against. As a superintendent Grant Moyle displayed a lack of Duty of Care and No consideration for his staffs integrity and welfare. Nor the public’s, like ICAC's Darryl Peter Wright keeping Paul Griffiths and Matthew Jennings employed whom evidently and conclusively were linked to serious gang activities and crimes with numerous misconduct discrepancies. Grant Moyle, before a quick retirement, babied the ICE Industry and wannabe police pimps for the 2 years, rewarded with a public funded retirement. Tax Payers hard earned money rewarding criminals dressed as cop, funding and activity within the policing sector that Had to be stopped.

The circumstances of Andrew Locks targeted offence were, I was stationary. Completely Stopped, behind two cars travelling in the opposite direction to the police vehicle and again my vehicle was stationary. Andrew Lock sighted myself, performed a U-turn in front of operating traffic lights and pursued myself. I was arrested in a manner that resulted in two cut wrists and a near broken arm. A permanently damaged shoulder, which was painful for years after the incident. Andrew Lock, known to target members of the public he dislikes in harassing and illegal manner. An example of his bullish engagement has him also engaged in dangerous u turn maneuvers in residential areas and speeding in excess of speed limits with no charges or arrests acquired on the targeted persons. Whilst being processed regarding this incident, I was bleeding and requested a band-aid. Instead of a band-aid Officers provided myself with a cup and a tissue - no band-aid was EVER provided. No first aid record for these bully officers and a record of the incident not located at the Mount Gambier station but in Adelaide lost - Accountability that’s what they were avoiding. 5 police witnessed to how I was treated, all these officers Too Weak and Pathetic to step up against the bully and hand over a bandaid. Let alone Stop the behaviour. What a culture, what a mentality, no wonder these people have the poor attitudes they have - yet this No Excuse. Paid to serve the public and doing nothing around me to reflect this employment term.

Andrew Lock is 6ft and 90 odd kg by his own admission. I, at this time was 52 kgs, just over 5ft in stature. He shoved me into the back boot area of the vehicle after dragging me to it. I was screaming, his grip causing involuntary movement and nearly breaking my arm.

SAPOL as stated lost this footage prior to the court hearing of this incident. Contested in court the cadet was encouraged to lie about the incident and in court lied under oath. The commissioner at the time was aware of this incident. Having photographic evidence of my injuries included in this autobiography and at the time police took photos of my wrists injuries at the station (not included in this autobiography as they apparently no longer exist?!). Police Prosecution in court this day seeming unaware of their own evidence and they held no photos of my injuries for court proceedings. This harassment and court proceedings extended for the entirety of authoring autobiography Ugly Heros."

"This behaviour was consistent with David Kyriacou’s team. A team which I can confirmed upon viewing at the police station on the wall in the office area behind the front service desk and know these men as Kyriacou’s team. Including Matthew Jennings (sleaze), whom is friendly with David through football and also failed to action any breach of intervention orders by his friend felon to investigations. Policing actions and engagements which jeopardised my safety and the safety of the community.

Luke Hubert Scheidl - mainly a thief proceeded to debt collect on behalf of Tim Stringer and Graham Young breaking into numerous homes which I also reported to police yet no charges were laid."

TIMELY FACT: I am sincere when I say that Gordon deserved justice and I am happy I helped the police with this.

I had the privilege of meeting Gordon on one evening. He was a polite and well mannered New Zealander to myself, whom was Not intimidating in speech or body language that I experienced. Overweight and appearing to be under 6 foot tall, I would describe him as approachable in nature.

He was a drug addict, Tim Stringer his supplier was also a drug addict. So why is it that Gordon’s life was disregarded by Mount Gambier Police, yet the drug dealing/drug addict footballer who played football with Matthew Jennings - a minor sex offender against myself

in the form of sexual harrassment - wasn’t jailed for the murder?!

When I spoke to the Victorian police after already speaking to Mount Gambier detectives about Tim Stringer, the lead they had was so far off it wasn't funny. The suspect VICPOL mentioned a rebound ex boyfriend of mine who played in a band locally. The police were

SO lost at the start of this homicide investigation it was not funny and happy to be lost in the lies from what I witnessed. Everyone except for Aaron Roche and that is fact, the Honest

reality. Police were happy to disregard Gordon’s life as they had ran an investigation and operations that went pear shaped. The only good I could see, detective Aaron Roche and his

plea to me not to see Gordon as JUST a drug addict. Like All Gordon amounted to in the Mount Gambier CIB eyes, a dehumanised and disregarded victim.

"I had no doubt Damian was aware I had reported his conduct quite quickly, with VICPOL shortly after the report allowing him to represent Domestic Violence at a White Ribbon appearance. I had seen this type of perception cover up with the White Ribbon representation in SAPOL, the boss of Mount Gambier Police Station prior to Grant Moyle. Twilley being a White Ribbon representative whilst allowing hundreds and hundreds of Domestic Violence Intervention Breaches to pass his table without action. Breaches which were really allowing gang members to attack illegal prostitutes used by the police force.

I immediately confronted Alyx whom I reported Damian to after seeing him standing with the White Ribbon banner. I sent the officer whom took the sexual assault statement against Damian the picture and told her I no longer trusted her. She assured me she would properly

investigate, I assured her SAPOL who were already monitoring myself could charge him. I was wrong. SAPOL covered the sex crime as they were regarding Kurt Slaven. I expect Darryl Peter Wright Not to lie - not for Paul Griffiths, not for Andrew Lock, not for Kurt Slaven,

Matthew Jennings or Anyone. I knew the South African in origin police officer knew who had engaged in misconduct against me. Finding out later he was an Anti-Corruption officer, I was extremely disappointed when he did not speak up for myself and more importantly our

community. Myself having to pick up the slack of the disgraced ICAC South Australia member after the misconduct investigations proved to be being covered up, not resolved.

My experience with abuse of process procedures extensive, reporting Kurt Slaven and Paul Arthur Griffiths in 2014 for sex crimes and fighting for resolution and justice showing out of control

corruption within the policing sector of South Australia. Corruption I was about to witness of the same nature from VICPOL. It was no surprise to me to hear and see the police force trying to censor the truth of my victim statement to protect the offending officer.

I politely reminded the officer that the investigations would be resolved if SAPOL and VICPOL worked together with their resources in relation to what is clearly a hard task - dismissing or charging an offending officer. I advise Alyx of VICPOL regarding Adam Brown

of SAPOL and how he had been investigating. Laying against myself false allegations which were dismissed and undetermined in court. These allegations and collaborative investigation details, all the resources Alyx needed for a conviction and without need to further question me."

"The South Australian police force illegally accessed my letters to the ombudsman and integrity Commission, especially during the period of 2017. A VICPOL presence in my life also at this time would have these actions taken by assumingly by ICAC South Australia witnessed by Federal Police. The emails in concert 2017 were with regard to Matthew Jennings sexual inclinations to myself during a uniformed formal interaction. With the mentioning of Darryl Peter Wright’s breathalyser misconduct also in these report emails.

Emails blatantly and braisiendly deleted, by seemingly again - the Integrity Commission and Anti-Corruption Commision (ICAC South Australia). I was made aware of emails sent from my email address also which were not of my authoring, as with signed up email address to my websites plus possible posts to social media and text messages from my mobile devices over these years leading up to Royal Commission."

"It was at this time that I learned indefinitely of the false accusations and information being illegally held against my name - defamation within my FOI. I was again accused of behaviour I had Never engaged in - Prostitution. At the time the Integrity Commission was investigating Darryl Peter Wright and Matthew Jennings misconduct in regards to David Bradley. The email that was deleted with Darryl Peter Wright revealed as ICAC South Australia. A Corrupt Integrity and Anti corruption police officer accused in 2015 of prostitution engagement.

I was making a big deal of illegal fire doors being made for the New Hospital in Adelaide (2017) at this time, Darryl Peter Wright and the owner of Studform sharing last names. Wright as common as Smith, yet the physical appearance of both men showed a possibility of relatives. Reliably sourced I was made aware that my FOI, even though never released to myself, was obtained by the Xenophon Team. This FOI was then apparently shared in defamatory fashion throughout the construction industry and with employees. I assume the FOI was shared in retaliation to myself reporting the illegal manufacturing of Australian Standard regulated Fire Doors. Showing an alliance with the sector and bikers within the Nick Xenophon team. I was disappointed to learn that persons putting the elderly, women and children at harm did not simply replace the doors, instead the Christian based company choosing to share false FOI, illegally obtained within Studform - my then employer. SAPOL at this time aware of the extent of their false allegations had malicious intentions of defamation, to cover up their ICE associations, sex industry involvement and much illegal conduct. A deliberate plot from the Freedom Of Information sector - government, to let known defamatory FOI to circulate and be viewed, with defamation and discrediting the only agenda. My FOI was Never released to myself during the entire period of requests made to Freedom Of Information Department. These FOI documents, false FOI documents were peddled across the state and country for years in a plot to try and cover up using a rape victim as rape bait and numerous police sex offences."

"The 6th of February 2019 revealed further desperation from the Mount Gambier Police Station. Without a driver's license for 14 months on this date from Andrew Locks physical assault and targeting traffic offence. The fines from Darryl Peter Wright and Andrew Lock in limbo within the system. Fines with a differing department to SAPOL that if I wasn’t being institutional targeted should have ruled out this corruption and validated my licence. SA Reg part of the manipulation within the policing sector. For the second time the Mount Gambier Police were trying to charge myself twice with the same charge under another officers name.

Seemingly at the direction of the officer who assaulted myself to the point where my arm was nearly broken. Sandra Stokes, the part time Ugly Hero and slow learner forwarding charges with evidence that holds dates prior to 2 interviews conducted recently in regards to the matters of bail the station had mocked up. The Mount Gambier station, stating at this time they are applying further charges which conflict with breaches already laid. Desperately doubling up paperwork or blatantly making sh*t up, I was SO over it! The targeting Crazy Desperate at this point. The actions of Mount Gambier Prosecution department to pursue these charges, let alone with an officer whom I had reported to the Integrity board for misconduct - against myself, was neglectful and malicious. The accusations made purely to misleading the judge and courts before Kurt Slaven, Paul Griffiths and Matthew Jennings could face their misconduct. A Full obstruction of my rights, right to resolution and the definition of the abuse of the law with a paper trail of evidence of the Mount Gambier Stations and SAPOL misconduct. I could not believe this was happening, I had no words to explain the corruption I endured and witnessed - Finding the words, this a 100K word report.

Harassing a little girl victim, what a proud moment for SAPOL history. I could not help but try and psychologically analyze the situation, and all I was left with was a wonder of How do these people sleep at night?! A Royal Commission was clearly the only stop to a very much corrupted SAPOL and government sectors, I continued to investigate and report all I endured, the misconduct, criminal conduct and malpractice mounted into 2020."

"Without the police force cover up

campaign Kurt Slaven would have been tried in court from the 12th of February 2018 and none of the charges present in court today would exist. The charges against myself in process were illegal charges against myself, an abuse of power from the commissioner of SAPOL. Institutional misconduct with Neglect, Malicious Prosecution and abuse of process regarding Officer Adam Browns charges alone had mounted in 2018. Keep in mind the Police Minister both Liberal and the outgoing Labor of 2018 were involved and aware of the investigating into Kurt Slaven and Paul Griffiths misconduct. And myself as a Strong Whistleblower. Matthew Jennings offences going unaddressed under a Liberal and Labor government. The Police Minister’s of both governments at this time were aware of how our current commissioner was operating. The Police Ministers office stating they have no power over the commissioner showed the level of political corruption involved between police and politics at this time.

I would laugh as soon as I got a sniff of a corrupt male officer during this government investigation, checking immediately if he was married, I’d sarcastically ask him if he was a cheat? Investigating the prostitute industry as a perceived prostitute was bringing the best in the force straight to me - clearly not the best in the force, but the creeps we needed out. That was for sure. I would throw scarcasm that sex industry interaction was the police officers driver to pick on me - watching the body languge and listening to the commentry of these men once niggled at. Revolving a lot around the prostitution industry, which while investigating it and from many others involved in the industry, the cheating married police were mainly what kept the darkest of our corruption happening. Police taking a bribe, cryingblackmail. Cheating married men mainly were the demise of SAPOL and VICPOL of these times. Police officers interactions to the extent of Raping those within the industry. It was simply a perfect fit to the term, Pig, to me. Raping prostitutes, the notition that a sex worker likes their job. At least some positive commentary amongst the drug addiction, debit payments, STD’s and rapes. This the raw of the industry - unglorified. Honestly talking to a male prostitute that liked sex, there was very little appeal I pulled from the industry in black and white. Those Unglorified tasks sounded to outweigh any enjoyment you could Really have. If they were honest, like any of us, you could say a sex worker likes the money from the job and do the job for that money and lifestyle. Humans are emotional beings, sex is a great distraction from that and a great engagement if your emotionally blocked or drained, but it is an intermite connetion which sole purpose in life is to breed human life. Sex is a necessity to breed/survive as human life - the use of sex to control is an age old and easy grasp on society."

"Human rights to resolution were non existent for myself over these years until the truth was set free. There was extensive evidence regarding the real offenders - a plea to charge Kurt Slaven with sexual crimes and evidence of Paul Arthur Griffiths and Matthew Jennings behaviours at the least of the corruption proven. It was a constant battle for someone with a brain to comprehend all this wrong doing. I might as well be in a 3rd world country with no links to the United Nations or any Human Rights or Law at all. For such a privileged country the abuse of law, human rights and women’s rights like this is beyond appalling, globally they don’t just have our Prime Ministerial issues to laugh at, at this time. A Liberal government responsible for these breaches of Human Rights as the Labor government was responsible for ignoring the Human Rights of the Disabled and instead of resolution to abuse and neglect I was shuffled around and outed creating my brand Barbwire Noose®, Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®."

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