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Mathew Olsten VICPOL

A 2 BOOK PUBLICATION the title documenting The Road To Resolution in the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement with A Real-time Authored Conclusion.

Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement. 2 x US Trade size 152 x 228 mm, Gloss Cover - 350 gsm, Pages of Autobiography - Envirocare 80 gsm, Additional Documentation - Envirocare 80 gsm, Colour photos and additional information: Satin 113 gsm edition.

HISTORICAL and Royal Commission into SAPOL making Biography UGLY HEROS - The price of Unlawful Enforcement.

Gripping accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. Autobiography of Marcia Anita Hobbs, Human Rights Activist, AUSTRALIA.

‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®️’


Starting pageantry at the height of this police and biker collaborated slander and defamation calling myself a High paid prostitute and erotic dancing heavily from 2014 - 2016. Defamation circulated prior to 2014 and after 2016 also. The defamation at this time in 2014 I honestly did not really know about. No one made Anything up to my face - never had. With persons circulating the defamation doing so for police false investigation, felons - persons NOT known to myself. Persons only known to police, STARForce and criminals. Facts the police were caught manipulating gangs themselves in. I had applied through StarNow to compete in pageantry as a hobby. I love to dress up and with a building public figure from my Modelling with Barbwire Noose, pageantry complimented my snobby personality. My first pageant and my first encounter with the prostitute industry using the competition as a cover to hide the illusive interactions which involved police clients and many married persons, 2015. The person behind the staging of this pageant a corrupt police officer and freemason sold on the Asian Century agenda for Australia, hence Ms/Mrs Australasia instead of Australia. Both the Liberal and Labor Governments, seemingly a heavily extorted Labor government were selling Australia short on its independence. Though I had a hunch regarding the influence behind the pageant organiser, I also knew both Liberal and Labor Australia had Freemasons against the American agenda of Freedom - Dominance. Personally I would Always side with Freedom and admired America’s global courage. After 4 years encountering sex industry and police sex industry bust residual, I withdrew from the tarnished and compromised Australian pageant scene.

I had applied for previous modelling roles through the StarNow website successfully, gaining employment with Promotional Models Australia, working at a couple of Supercars (Clipsal 500) events. In 2014 I had no reason to suspect that pageantry competition was being used in align with corrupt police conduct and gang activity. I had also later gained the Promotional Model role with Classic Bet Australia (chapter 13) via the casting site. John Parkinson of Classic Bet a part time pimp with an agenda, I was also exposed further to the illegal sex industry. The fact that it got to 2019 before there was serious head way towards charging Kurt Slaven was detrimental at this time to my modelling prospects. Turning down many roles on neighbours, Metropolitain race event promotional modelling and movie extra prospects also due to this fight for resolution. Time allowing further perception to be added to the already circulating malicious slander/defamation. Time also allowing myself to be targeted by more sexual predators exposed to the illegal circulation of myself throughout the sex industry.

The moment was being milked by so many hands within and surrounding the police force. The situation severely distorted my ability to express the sheer emotion and torment of the situation - alexithymia. I felt I had no room to move or feel, I was being manipulated by nearly everyone I encountered. No one was truly honest around me, and there was no one in reach that I could turn to or trust. I message both SAPOL and VICPOL throughout 2019, records which in Royal Commission contribute too much of the facts surrounding the misconduct of SAPOL and VICPOL. I was a little girl abandoned in a combat that had Nothing to do with myself and it very much felt this way. This autobiography became counselling and therapy, a journal of this time. The fight for a Royal Commision into SAPOL. The words your reading here, not only a conclusion. But a Landmark moment in South Australian History.

I used pageantry like a Knight in Shining Armour. It was real and joyous amongst the other stuff that made no sense. Rejoicing in successes like my business gaining Australian Made licencing and progressions with manufacturing to high volume storefront sales, branding a never ending task, selling on and self care - facials, SO Many Facials. That Bass on the Stereo and the clear Hope of resolution. In 2019 I held the title of Ms Southern Hemisphere World - The Prestigious Ms World Pageants - International, and a newly establishing Australian pageant which engaged in conduct which led to legal action. Nationally crowned Winner of 2 “Charity” titles in 2015 and 2017. Holding the International National Miss United Nations Australia title both 2017 and 2018, pageantry Amongst all the Ugly there like coal into a Diamond. Miss Australia La Femme Worldwide 2020, a title I enaged as worthy though due to the pandemic did not commence, was in support and alignment with a beloved friend and well accomplished International Beauty Queen to which I had the pleasure of meeting in Jamaica.

Historical Facts: The term Asian Century was coined by People's Republic of China (PRC) leader Deng Xiaoping arose in the 1980's. After in 1924, Karl Haushofer used the term "Pacific age," envisaging the growth of Japan, China and India: "A giant space is expanding before our eyes with forces pouring into it which ... await the dawn of the Pacific age, the successor of the Atlantic age, the over-age Mediterranean and European era." Karl Haushofer, Nazi through his student Rudolf Hess, Haushofer's ideas known as Geopolitik influenced the development of Adolf Hitler's expansionist strategies. Awarded a German Blood certificate through help of Rudolf Hess, had a teaching position at the German Bavarian War Academy. Ordered from this position to Tokyo as a military attache to study the Imperial Japanese Army and as a military advisor in artillery instructor. Karl Haushofer travelled with his wife via India and South East Asia and arrived in February 1909. He was received by Emperor Meiji and became acquainted with many important people in politics and the armed forces. He also travelled to Korea, Russia and Manchuria on the occasion of a railway construction. Establishing himself as one of Germany’s foremost experts regarding the Far East, Karl Haushofer co-founded the geopolitical monthly Zeitschrift für Geopolitik (ZfG). Disillusioned by Germany's defeat and close to Adolph Hilter via Hess who was scientific assistant and later the deputy leader of the Nazi Party.

Tuesday the 26th of March I attended Stawell Court regarding Damian’s false claims of defamation. Driven over in a white Mercedes Benz, same model as mine but newer. It had a Sunroof to which I hung my head out of, a cleansing breeze, on the way back to Mount Gambier, South Australia from Stawell, Victoria.

Arriving at 9:30am for an attendance time of 11:30am the Geelong prosecution was quick to try and coerce a plea of guilty to which I did NOT oblige. I was then met by two detectives that had been floating about all morning. Apparently Damian had been present in the Stawell car park and station all morning also. Damian’s presence was Not required, he did not appear in court - this Intimidation the psychological games I was subjected to through out our relationship. Damian would sneak around the house at night also if I would leave the room. If I went to bed prior to Damian going to bed, Damian would tip toe the hallway from the lounge to the bedroom until I fell asleep. Not allowing myself to complete Barbwire Noose work I needed to engage as an entrepreneur once he was home, among the other mentioned controlling actions he took towards myself. Coercive control, as it is legally referred to. Scotland in 2019, after 4 years of heavy deliberation, created legislation implementing a penalty for this form of Domestic Violence. A form of Domestic Violence which leads to homicide. The tragic loss of an entire family escalating from this form of Domestic Violence. A male partner, by the way of a vehicle explosion, taking the life of his wife and 3 children in 2020 in Australia. Scotland's new legislation presented a basis for legislation that was needed in Australia.

VICPOL detective Mathew Olsten was not treating myself like a victim of my ex Damian Ferrari - a victim of another sexual crime by a police officer and police domestic violence. VICPOL Officer Mathew Olsten asked to speak to myself as I waited in court, his questioning starting regarding myself posting the truth on the internet. Questions regarding this autobiography, questions implying he wanted the truth hidden, like Damian.

‘Here we go again’ I thought. Police protecting criminal offending police officers. Sex offending criminal police officers, Again. The attempt to silence myself and stop other victims from speaking out by hiding the truth a well oiled practise within policing of this time. I witnessed VICPOL desparately try and stop people from knowing about Damian’s Domestic violence, sex offending with predatorial nature and misconduct.

The Prosecution whom tried to push the false charge through for Damian sourced from the town of jailed Comanchero, Geelong, the corruption was immediately evident to myself. Refusing to plea as the Geelong prosecution encouraged. This is when VICPOL Matthew Olsten turned up. When I would NOT adhere to the false charges Damian was trying to push through court. VICPOL detective Mathew Olsten, a bald hair style, average/small height - small in stature was polite in his interactions. Before VICPOL Matthew Olsten started to treat myself like an offender, not a victim. The false accusations and process caused serious psychological damage on this day to myself. A survivor of numerous sexual assaults - a Victim, held as a victim by police of police provoked sex crimes for over half a decade. Sex crimes involving 2 police officers engaging in sexual conduct under duress. Every interaction the police force had with myself was illegal by this stage (2019). The police targeting toward myself was overwhelming, unacceptable and criminal conduct - mocked and neglectful investigations. I lived an endless disturbing feeling of being under constant duress nearly leaving myself suicidal. Degradation, the aim of psychological control - warfare, the police were trying to create an instability within my autonomy which has a victim of this behavior disillusioned and disorientated. Distress that is supposed to stagnate a victim and render them somewhat helpless in the situation. For over half a decade I felt preyed upon, and felt I was going to be sexually assaulted again after the interview with VICPOL Matthew Olsten, I basically was by the female officer produced to commit a strip search. Sexually assaulted after VICPOL Mathew Olsten illegal conduct by the person that Stawell, Victoria Australia. On this day in Victoria I was in panic and overwhelmed by emotional distress which escalated in the female VICPOL officers eagerness to touch myself.

These VICPOL police, Detective Mathew Olsten and the others were present to obstruct justice regarding my statement against Damian Ferrari. Having reported the sex offending, forced relationship and Domestic Violence 2 months prior to Damian filing false charges. VICPOL took this obstruction of justice to the point where I was sexually assaulted by another police Officer in an illegal strip search and then by another person. 4 times sexually violated by the age of 35 years with little to no interactions with police prior to 2014 and I had been sexually assaulted numerous times by police officer's by 2019. The VICPOL female police officer inappropriately and illegally groped my breasts causing excruciating emotional distress which left me with concerning heart palpitations and hyperventilating for over 3 hours, all this on video record. The exact same absolute abuse of power and actions regarding abuse of process I had just proceeded through with the statement of Kurt Slaven sex offences. I was interviewed, this also video recorded. I destroyed my copy upon arrival in South Australia. A case to nowhere and I knew what I said. A video too disturbing for myself to watch back, I had bluntly called out Damian Ferrari behavior, offences and STARForce being aware of all of this again on police record. I could barely endure the doctored audio provided by SAPOL from Adam Brown regarding Kurt Slaven. Numerous torturous recordings making up a bulk of the evidence to provide for a Royal Commission into SAPOL. So much extensive malpractice and misconduct recorded and engaged since 2014. Impossible to ignore for the state and federal government. The VICPOL video added to the evidence trail to be addressed in the establishing National Integrity Commission, much needed for the policing sector.

After VICPOL Mathew Olsten, informant to Geelong, and the male detective in interview left the interview room, I was ink fingerprinted. The small police station having that toxic ink they use on tv, the stuff they say don’t draw on your skin at school with covered my hands. It was disgusting and didn’t come off well, scrubbing profusely when I returned to Mount Gambier to remove black ink I should never have been exposed to. The female Detective who was present in the interview took my fingerprints. She then gained the assistance of the female officer who assaulted me. The woman, a female officer being used for the illegal strip search came into the interview room asking me to remove my clothes. I refused, never during the same malpractice and misconduct in South Australia regarding Kurt Slaven, had I been forced to remove my clothing. The direction and requests from VICPOL were outrageous and in my case was not legal procedure, especially with myself a sexual crimes victim in this a contested case. Matthew Olsten was aware of the charges Against Damian at this time and ignored that I was a victim.

I was immediately petrified by the idea of a strip search. Curling up into a ball I tried desperately to stop the hands from grabbing at my persons and clothes. The officers present in the interview room trying to tell myself it was for mine and their safety - the strip search. I was wearing a jumpsuit, Full length, Black with a single zip at the back. A tight fitted fit - you could see I had nothing on my persons and nowhere to conceal anything. The female officer had already felt both my breast with her hands actually in my bra groping myself. Actions to which committed against a rape victim of police took myself years to recover from. The Sickening enthusiasm this police officer had to just touch myself for no reason escalated my discomfort and panic. Feelings so overwhelming I literally felt I might die of the hyperventilating and heart pounding discomfort. The police officers did not stop at my requests to Not be strip searched. Not allowing myself a phone call they picked an attorney to speak to myself, the entire ordeal illegal and as out of control as SAPOL. The officers unzipped my jumpsuit and pulled it down. I stood in the interview room with my undergarments exposed. The only relief I had was that I had full body lingerie underneath my clothing, lace it wasn’t coverage but some form of dignity in the most undignified act I experienced within a police station during this time. The groping VICPOL female officer topping Grant Moyle’s intimidating visit in the Mount Gambier station cells area and SAPOL Matthew Jennings low act of sexual predatory - his sexual insinuation toward myself at the fingerprint processing station. I do Not think I could have been made to feel more dehumanised than this at this point. I was Hysterical by this stage and hyperventilating so heavily it took 3 hours for my crying to stop. My appearance in court after the stipulated time set, I was held at the Stawell Station without being allowed to make my legally entitled phone call. My breathing took the entire ordeal to regulate and my teeth struggled to stop chattering. I could not properly talk to the legal representative I was assigned. All conduct I endured at the Stawell Police Station in Victoria was illegal conduct and utterly disgraceful. The fact that I was not allowed to call anyone a distressing and illegal fact of another sexual assault interaction by the police. I was now the victim of 3 police personnel sexual crimes, 2 male police officers - 1 from SAPOL and 1 from SAPOL raping myself under duress and the 3rd a female officer of VICPOL commiting sexual assault against my persons. Sexual assaults against myself in Victoria amounting to numerous sexual offences. The fact that I was Never given my phone call after asking numerous times for my legal right was overwhelming. Damian Ferrari had spoken of an illegal lock up in the past to which he let his friend out later that night for the apparent offence. This station, not a 24 police station, Damian had informed me I was very scared and felt the police were trying to trap myself in Stawell station. Only to find out after I left court they had tried to do exactly that, asking the person who drove myself to court to drive home and leave me in Victoria. If my ride had left Stawell, I truly believe Damian Ferrari would have been back to the station this night and I seriously felt I would have been subject to more sexual exploitation. I nearly passed out where I sat from the distress and sheer dehumanisation I experienced this day. Left and trapped in surroundings to which I could have head dived the concrete or used a chair with steel legs to slit my wrist, the strip search certainly wasn’t necessary or for my safety. I was Really lucky to get home. Like I was lucky I was able to leave Damian Ferrari and his coercive control relationship. Being SO scared during this relationship that I text my Mother numerous times in fear of my life. A Mother after these years I disowned, removing her name as my middle name in the year 2021.

Luke Ryan, unknown to me at this time to be of a sexual predator nature, was the driver who was directed away from the station by the officers of Stawell. The person that later sexually assaulted myself refused VICPOL Matthew Olstens request for him to leave. Luke Ryan had asked if I was in the cells, Detective Ulser as I labelled him (Olsten) apparently smiled without reply to this question. VICPOL Matthew Olsten withholding my right to a phone call and not disclosing my whereabouts. Ambushed as it was described, I was whisked away in this mockup moment of harassment. The Victorian police doing best to exploit their powers and degrade myself with their petty actions that were torture to a sex crimes victim.

Because of these actions by the police force I live through more trauma than I ever should have experienced. Nothing can change it, there are no rights to these wrongs for me even Just justice in the end with a Royal Commision and National Integrity establishment would Never erase what I was subjected to for over half a decade. The rape culture, criminal misconduct - sex crimes that stemmed from malicious accusations with no basis or facts to cover up pedophilia in Australia sex industry heavily involving the police force.

The actions of these police reducing myself to less than the numb, shell of a human I was already being made into after being used as rape bait by my own family and having the disgusting facts of how SAPOL expolited my life shoved in my face after assisting the Australian Police Force to jail 3 people in a homicide. Despite all this - Everything I endured, the corruption, sexual crimes, malicious lies - it never made the truth, my statements against police offenders go away for them. I Never let the cover up or bury the Truth.

Looking into the eyes of the male judge that day in Stawell, Victoria as he spoke to me seems so surreal. None of these years seemed real. But it was Real, the police rapes, the gang rapes, the rape footage, the false statements, the malicious accusations, the illegal FOI withholding, gangs trying to recruit myself as a prostitue, police stalking my person - REAL and my reality.

A pin cushion for the police to apparently exploit to their desire, at least so they thought. PIGS, I had little respect for the police force at this stage. Many men watching myself get raped calling it investigating was appalling. I knew if Kurt Slaven was not charged at the start of 2019 that I would be raped again. A threat I put in writing to the police station of Mount Gambier trying to protect myself. An email read by numerous memebrs of the Mount Gambier police station, yet No One stopped that rape. This offender telling myself the police, in their gang, would let you do anything. Utterly disgusting for a victim to hear, especially from a perpetrator. Raped again in 2019, in Victoria, the bloody sheet evidence of a threatened and duress sexual assault. Sexual assaults that the perpetrators were expressing known and controversial defences to. This indicated to myself that this conduct was shared and expressed within a group forum. A group of rapists sharing their defence excuses for rape and the police were heavily involved in allowing these known sex offences to go unprocecuted, regardless of knowing their rapists defence was false. I woke to see blood everywhere as I had my period. I called the offender out to which he replied that it was apparently his fingers. This Not consensual interaction was devastating and reported to the Mount Gambier police immediately, and followed up the incident discussing it with a VICPOL police officer also.

The Mount Gambier police station I had told of the threat of rape against myself in 2019 prior to Luke Ryan raping me. Darryl Peter Wright the ICAC South Australia police officer who said he’d look after myself in the Mount Gambier station allowing the rape in his cover up for himself and the government. The 4th rape I endured under the ICAC South Australia officer to which displayed emotional attactment to myself to which I recipricated - stockholm syndrome. These choices were no mistake by Darryl Peter Wright, no matter what he had said and claimed to be to myself. No action was taken and I was left in the vicinity of the sex offender. This offender having a Do Not approach warning with SAPol - this is the warning the computer reads when police are approaching Luke Ryan to apprehend him. The police stations ignorance towards my concerns, after having emailed the threat and numerous witness to this persons volatile demeanor, it was unbelievable that the rape occured. A rape in direct association with the Mount Gambier CIB sector. Luke Ryan had sister in law family member speaking to the Mount Gambier CIB at the time when I was reporting that I was threatened and at the time of the sexual offences committed in South Australia and Victoria.

More sexual assault and rape with police knowledge by a friend of offender Jason Scott Parker who with Carl Brodie at Clipsal 500 committed while I was under protection and investigation from STARForce, SAPOL and VICPOL. A rape offence unaddressed against myself directly in correlation to my assistance with the homicide of Gordon Hamm. Raped after helping the police in a Federally approved investigation. This a solid basis for Australia’s need for a National Integrity Commision. The findings that I had been used as Rape Bait an illegal exploitation of my life, the law and our commonwealth governance. I was drugged and raped after every time I had assisted the Mount Gambier police since the early 2000's. Years of these revelations to which nobody Really cared it seemed. Clearly not enough, nothing changed, Royal Commission ultimately necessary. Despite all the reports I made, despite the public supporting my claims.

Most people think money can buy happiness, this meant I could rely on 99% of people to lie in this situation for petty gains and money if they could not see resolution, the overdue Royal Commission. Petty men, namely the police, did not want to help me stop the rapists, especially if they could line their back pockets or sexual benefits. The dismay I felt overwhelming. I personally could not walk away or turn a blind eye to such tragedy.

I Spent 2 days sleeping, having exerted that much energy being traumatised in Victoria by VICPOL. I was supposed to see the Mount Gambier police every Wednesday, an illegal obligation short lived. I simply stopped checking into Mount Gambier police station. The stress was too overwhelming and the illegal order stemming from myself fleeing Damian Ferrari. I was leaving a life threatening Domestic Violence situation with an out of control man in a powerful position in governing in Victoria.

Returning from the terror of Beaufort, Victoria, it was less than a week before the defamatory case created by Damian Ferrari revealed an angle and agenda to cover up his crime and Kurt Slaven sex offending against myself. VICPOL's neglectful investigations and malicious accusations with no basis or facts wasting more of the courts time, in 2 states. Malicious accusations with no basis or facts that were slung around Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia and Anything my Brand, clothing label Barbwire Noose engaged with.

It was Very Clear by this stage the police were trying to shirk blame. Numerous rapes occurring with no charges laid during police investigation. By 2019 the betadine in my Garnier face wash was still unconfirmed by police as non threatening, so I made the dreaded appointment to check my own health - Again. I HATE needles, I joked to the doctor about

being knocked out for the moment. It took all morning on International Pageant Day. April also Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Holding titles Ms Southern Hemisphere World 2019 - An International title which was a straight to finals opportunity with the Prestigious Ms World Pageants. Locally, competitions tarnished by prostitute contestants, in Australia I held the National finalist title Miss Of Australia Pageants Ms category representing South Australia. The Miss Of Australia pageant engaging in the malicious defamatory statements made by police and associated persons during this period. A questionable Australian pageant created in the height of the police driven climate that was cleaning up illegal prostitutes used by police. Business men that never wanted their wives to find out about their infidelity assisting to hide the sex industry solicited by police within society.

The doctor clinic conducting this test was a new establishment in Mount Gambier on Sturt Street, I asked for a complete health check of my blood.

Showing no symptoms of illness, the doctor reassured me of the situation as I was clearly distressed. I entered the consult room for blood tests. The relief of confirmation in a clear blood test and health check was worth it.

Nothing wrong with me - NO STD's, my blood was clean and my overall health very well. The back of my mind was always telling me I was fine as David Bradley assured me it was Bernadine and not blood used in the face wash I discarded. Finding it so hard to trust over these years, true friends understood. Those 'so called' friends dropping in and out of life in a small town eventually dropping off as I was happy to discuss the actions of all. Life quickly revealed who was real and supportive in 2019, my Dad. Money the sad end game resolution of pain inflicted by another and/or government, I was Thankful for my Real Friends that were revealed in this devastation - few and far between.

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