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Europe Books

UGLY HEROS Autobiography International Publishing details: volume dimensions 14x21 cm; internal weight: 80/100 g b/w use; cover weight 240 g; binding: milled paperback.

Europe Books is one of Albatros Publishing Group's leading brands. Over the last years, Albatros published the works by many successful authors, from the Nobel Prize for Literature winner Octavio Paz to the best-selling writer Ken Follett (Bad Faith).

Pope Francis

Ask your Questions

Publisher: Europa Ediciones Country: Spain Languages: SP

Dialogue first of all, this is one of the great teachings that Pope Francis gives us through the pages of this book. By giving living life to a testimony, that is as humble as it is illuminating, of our time and of the anxieties of contemporary man.

Barack Obama


Publisher: Europe Books Country: United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Russia, France Languages: ENG, IT, SP, RU, FR

A great literary work that comes from the free transcription of his public speeches and outline the thinking of one of the most influential personalities of our time.

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