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Darryl Peter Wright of SAPOL

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How I met Darryl Peter Wright of SAPOL.


"The first time I was formally asked to actually be an informant was by SAPOL detective Gary Sporten who I nicknamed papa smurf. He came into my home, I made it clear I have relatives in the force and I was comfortable talking to 1 officer in Victoria if need be and that I did NOT need to be an informant. I happily told papa smurf of a man who was bashed by the Gypsy Jokers yet he had to claim he fell down stairs. My tone and vocabulary with Papa Smurf direct and distrusting, I was watching criminals bully people left right and centre and the police were doing what seemed to be nothing. It wasn’t okay. Like someone being murdering over other people’s debts and stolen stuff because they were sick of him. Low Life play - Not cricket. ‘Go Away’ papa smurf I thought to myself at first meeting, he was creepy. He grabbed my underwear after invasively pushing my bedroom door open. The lingerie on the back of the door, I felt extremely uncomfortable in this moment. Like I literally told him I’m not going to have sex with him uncomfortable. I felt what he was doing was wrong and intrusive and he kept coming round. I reported the behaviour.

The second encounter by Gary Sporten was when I was returning home from a Freemason meeting I believe. Travelling to Adelaide for my clothing label and lodge meetings I noticed an undercover police car parked up Penola Road where Hungry Jacks is area of location. I performed the usual turn I need to get to my property, by this stage the unmarked car was behind me. Out gets plain clothed cop, Honey James Dean - Darryl Peter Wright. By this stage I had a major distaste for being harassed by police and felt the need to be abrupt - not to Darryl Peter Wright, there was something Normal about him at this time. I, at this stage of the policing interaction did not notice the driver. Like a puppy I politely let Mr Polite Darryl Peter Wright carry out his SAPOL duties, mid way the driving officer exited the vehicle. It was the man that touched my underwear, smuggly he says hello to me. I immediately approach him asking him if he has an agenda “Do you have an Agenda” I bellow directly and continued to communicate with James Dean as I refused to speak to creepy papa smurf. After this papa smurf left me alone and all I could think about was this cop, James Dean. Oh my, how conflicting my emotions were. Back to the Ugly Heroes."

Who Darryl Peter Wright of SAPOL was.


"As with most friendships, I noticed every change in everyone. No matter how valuable a person was to me the situation exposed their agenda and I was forced during Reckless Endangerment to flee the NT. Desperately the police abused their power and further eroded judicial independence by trying to force the result of their neglectful investigation and cover ups through court. A defamatory charge which exposed Darryl Peter Wright of SAPOL not only as the dishonest police officer he was, but as the 'Monster' described in this autobiography.

In house Publishing expressed in 2021 that when the government is corrupt we have to behave like sheep was a red flag to myself and entirely untrue. Do Not Conform a moto of my brand Barbwire Noose. Conformity is a key to the communist totalitarian agenda and the more willing you are to walk past indecency, immorality and suffering the better. Like the compliant Nazi's who we all know knew right from wrong. Fear Is The Root Of Weakness.

The statement after psychologically damaging commentary was attached to my book by apparently In House, unless they admitted police involvement and breaching my copywrite rights broke my trust entirely. An endless occurrence with persons i trusted In House Publishers to be held accountable at time for severe emotional distress and contribution to Reckless endangerment. Suspecting the agenda, I had submitted this Autobiography to publishers private and worldwide during Reckless endangerment in the Northern Territory.

The Queensland publishers laying their disregard for justice and the truth bare for all to see while claiming another male was also publishing a whistleblowing book, I hoped it was a personal story or for resolution. Otherwise it's illegal until National Integrity as whistleblowing government requires official reporting, not just money grabbing and opportunistic exposure.

Myself put in a reckless endangerment position by police, while Federal arms of the police force in desperation, strategic narcissism with policies and strategies exercised under the not fit for purpose association law's making decisions which showed an undeniable cover up agenda. An agenda to which with a further poor decision by In House Publishers exposed and implemented them in the corruption and agenda to see myself suffer during this period.

And more importantly contribute to perverting the course of justice. Loving to prove Christianity is a cloak for many persons, I waited to see if the publishing house was involved with the breach of my Human Rights to the point of trying to see me suffer - starve.

Something God would disapprove, let alone the law. On a day that had many cowards believe I was facing falsified charges. Cowards with crimes to trade trying to act as informants and friends. In house and the latest person to attempt sexual assault due to the situation created in the malicious accusations with no basis or facts and protecting numerous sexual crimes could not deny their cooperation in the institutional agenda to perverting the course of justice. No one knew I had not only adjourned the case but put forward my plea of Not Guilty and requested Trial by Jury. The hearing dated 15th of January 2021 in Mount Gambier magistrates court failed to go ahead. Another abuse of process and power. The activity of the day was odd, but I was happy to see the police had not made further decisions to set precedent that mess with judicial independence.

The owners from In house publishing followed up my request for invested savings to survive after I vocalised their ignorance to the enormity of the situation. Keeping their word this time that I could access my unspent funds to be safe in Reckless Endangerment. I am forever grateful for the steps taken to preserve my life. Despite the obvious play's into institutional harassment which caused much pain and suffering.

Being a saver of money all my life, this period of survival - survival since in 2016 and Greg Hobbs so desperate to try to cover up abusing my life and his disregarding Human Rights - my rights. Trying to cover up having contributed to the illegal acquisition of my home involving my own Father. Greg pulling MY Qantas shares before I got picked up by my friends parents proved beyond doubt he was behind the strategic narcissism. Over a decade not seeing any dividends from Qantas so Greg could socially portray himself as wealthy with more shares in the company than were his. Trying to render myself destitute was beyond words and out of control for over half a decade. By 2021 I wished very little good upon Greg sadly and wanted him jailed for the actions he had taken with my life. A greedy user I was lucky to be alive. Not from Hanns Scheidl and the numerous bullies I had stood up against.

My life was endangered for over a decade from Greg, my Uncle. His desperation to make me homeless to have me perceived as poor while he withheld my shares, took my Mercedes Benz which my brother had damaged so I could not sell it to survive. Greg and Darryl Peter Wright trying to cover up the reported damage to my Mercedes for my prostitute using brother. As if the illegal acquisition of 10 years house ownership I had, withheld my Super annuation and withholding millions of dollars in reward money I should have been paid in 2014 for assisting police which jailed 3 persons involved with the Gordon Hamm homicide wasn't enough. All these unforgivable actions, with Hate not cutting it to describe the anger and resentment I had for Greg Hobbs. I have NO respect for the man I was once related to.

In house Publishing delaying my requests to refund my savings invested in publication - costs and services not yet provided not only breaking my trust but short term was detrimental. Leaving me in a position where accomodation was negotiated so I could afford to eat. Despite the millions, now billions of dollars this disgraceful cover up, punitive damages, compensation, etc amounted to."

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