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A 2 BOOK PUBLICATION the title documenting The Road To Resolution in the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement with A Real-time Authored Conclusion. Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement. Published in 2020, 2 x US Trade size 152 x 228 mm, Gloss Cover - 350 gsm, Pages of Autobiography - Envirocare 80 gsm, Additional Documentation - Envirocare 80 gsm, Colour photos and additional information: Satin 113 gsm edition. HISTORICAL and Royal Commission into SAPOL making Biography UGLY HEROS - The price of Unlawful Enforcement. Gripping accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. Autobiography of Marcia Anita Hobbs, Human Rights Activist, AUSTRALIA. ‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®️’

CHAPTER 7 EXTRACT 'The Rebellion'

"Damian Ferrari, a long serving Victorian police officer and my partner during the year 2018. My only partner during this period until Kurt Slaven was proven guilty. Damian was not supportive of my cause, by this I mean myself Publicly standing up for my Rights, and the community of Mount Gambier. Himself only witnessing my social media avenue of voice. Damian was investigated for following my social media by VICPOL in 2018, tipped off of this investigation by a deputy commissioner. Damian was illegally using police computers at the Ararat station to stalk my daily activity. Damian, as my partner, sent nasty commentary in text one day during 2018 to my phone, this was prior to moving to reside with him in Beaufort, Victoria. The belittling and disempowering text, calling me ‘weak’ for speaking out. Behaviour and an attitude from Damian that escalated with the move to Victoria. Actions and an attitude from Damian that then lead him, in public, engaging in the physical domestic violence incident at the Melbourne Airport against me when I arrived home from the USA - Jamaica. Words and Actions that had previously had me break up with Damian during our 6 month relationship - actions that made me leave him for good. Damian’s offending was reported to both VICPOL and SAPOL in the year of 2018, Damian was not convicted for over a year after his offending, offences being Domestic violence and sexual assault.

I trusted Damian after his persistent pursuit to date me. I had rejected his phone number because of his occupation - a police officer and himself being much older than me put me off. Damian and his friend from Classic Bet encouraging the relationship, expressing Damian did Not apparently at all support the behaviour he had heard and seen of these Mount Gambier officers engaging in. Damian was friends with my boss at Classic Bet, John. John Parkinson, a history of sex industry associations by his own admission, was the promotional model employer for the Australian betting company. A company which suffered a severe downturn in 2018, evidently due to the number of prostitutes investigated while I was employed to do promotional work for them. Bandito and Comonchero associated sex industry workers, some of these so called promotional models were sourced directly from known venues in Melbourne. Kitten, only licenced as a strip club according to Alyx Gray of VICPOL and reported as a brothel in 2018 to VICPOL was never publically found guilty of illegal activity. A Bandidos brothel alligned with Daniel Andrews and Damian Ferrari, stand out facts for National Integrity. Tracey Hendy, a shameless prostitute thinking I was one too trying to recruit myself to work at Kitten as drowned her Ugly deeds daily - her water bottle filled with alcohol. She drank from the early hours of the morning and was intoxicated whilst working. Describing clientele by 2019 it was hard to believe one client described to be a prostitute user wasn't Tim Young of VICPOL and another Darryl Peter Wright of SAPOL. Both known to myself by this stage and both involved heavily in the cover up of the sex industry to the point where pedophile crimes and pedophile politicians were being protected and not prosecuted by the Australian Police Force."

CHAPTER 13 EXTRACT 'Dancing with The Devil - Never Let Me Go'

Following the initial race meeting where I met Damian at Ararat, my Classic Bet employer asked me if he could give Damian Ferrari my phone number. I said NO, saying to my employer he was too old and he’s a police officer. I did not feel comfortable with his age or occupation. My employer persisted and I was assured Damian was a good police officer. I still refused the idea of Damian having my phone number.

I was to work for Classic Bet at the following regional promotion from Ararat and for this Promotional Modelling event I had no transportation. I could not arrange transport over to Regional Victoria myself. My Classic Bet employer volunteered Damian’s name to transport myself, I was uncomfortable with this. Financially drained from legal expenses and ongoing effects to my established brand, I took the Promotional Model work offered. Aquatics teaching had been my regular income for the later half of 2017 into 2018. With Barbwire Noose online generating monthly sales. My Classic Bet employer and Damian Ferrari organising to provide transportation on more than one occasion - again at these times it was being stressed that Damian was a good police officer.

At this stage I did not know about the other girl who Damian had made uncomfortable. Damian telling me this story later on, after we were in a relationship. It was a Very odd story, Damian’s version saying he wasn’t actually trying to get the girl intoxicated. Yet intoxicated and subdued engagement is what Damian did to myself so I did not believe him in his claims of innocence.

Damian had concerningly remarked when I called him out on his first sexual engagement with myself. An engagement to which I felt I was drunk and taken advantage of in the situation. I felt almost paralysied and Very weak. I could not push Damian away, I could not leave at the time with no transportation in the middle of somewhere I didn’t know on an isolated farm. I felt drugged. Damian mentioned a period of time after he had had sex with myself that a drug bust had been conducted on a rave not far from his residence. This raid prior to Damian and myself being in a relationship. The police attendance involved tranquilliser drugs, Ketamine, Damian stated.

I had consumed a drink I did not see poured at Damian’s property. I was in the lounge room of Damian’s inherited property. After this drink Damian, left to the kitchen to pour a second drink. Stunted on the couch, Damian took advantage of myself. Weak and helpless after intercourse, shortly after consuming the first drink poured at Damian’s residence after the races. I remember stumbling an unfamiliar hall into walls with no feeling, almost unable to walk - not drunk unstable. I had Never felt like this before. I was SO weak, SO unstable. I passed out for hours after this until the morning. I had not consumed enough alcohol this day to experience this inability without the addition of the substance I believe Damian to have been subtly bragging about using - Ketamine. I had never personally taken this drug, Never would.

The remark of concern, as with his notions of having access to a drug that would render me sedated - as I was. Damian stated that I can not prove it - an admission of sexual assault. With candid expression of not caring at the fact that I was intoxicated and drugged for what is really non comprehensive consent. Damian did Not say no I didn’t or I’m sorry. He replied I can not prove it when I called him out for sexual assaulting myself. Continue a relationship with myself through many break ups despite my efforts to leave the relationship. Damian the morning after sexual assault. After I believe I was drugged with Ketamine, introduced me to his friends as his partner. This without discussion of a relationship. Introducing myself as his partner - his rape victim. A powerful policeman locals were calling the commissioner. I was scared, and went along with the relationship. Focusing on his care regarding SAPOL police harassing myself and his respectable police recognition.

Damian had stated to me that he likes to bring “them a cup of tea in bed. This was said the morning after Damian sexually assaulted myself, after I believe Damian drugging me with Ketamine in wine at night. ‘Them’ meant I was not his first or only victim.

This predatory opportunity orchestrated, Damian insisted I date him. Constantly hearing he is a well recognised police officer and the insistence he was a great person, I go on a date with Damian to the race meet to which I was supposed to be a Promotional Model.

Prior to the Promotional Model opportunity turned date by Damian. My employer at Classic Bet had booked me for a promotion to which he tried to organise Damian provide transportation - this booking fell through.

Having always put in great efforts to not have previous relationship experiences carry into future relationships. Everyone has relationships fail, young and old, don’t carry those relationships around like badges. Take the good, learn from the bad. This moving forward a relationship with a police officer, my experience with Kurt Slaven immediately tarnishing the trust and possible potential of a happy relationship with a cop. Not just the rape residual but the DV incidents with police ingnorance and misconduct in regards to offenders garnishing. The constant infidelity I was exposed unwillingly investigating the prostitution industry in these years also killed the idea of Real Love - True Love. Everything Lust and Greed.

CONCLUSION EXTRACT 'The Road To Resolution'

"I did like Damian to converse with. I’ve liked all the police I’ve conversed with good and bad - I’m not a hater and like Most people. Tolerance is another thing, I hated the police misconduct I witnessed, finding it intolerable. I was enjoying Damian’s company, his maturity was refreshing as was the ability to speak to someone who knew of my experiences as he had witnessed and stood against misconduct in the police force himself. I found his upstanding police reputation attractive. Yet I did not condone this engagement and it was made very clear prior to the date I would be staying in the spare room and NO sexual engagement, it was Not on the table. This was a common practice of mine when dating, no sex.

The next day Damian claimed he loved me. I would not usually go out with a man after this type of hook up yet was pressured and felt I had no power to make the choice. Damian seemed oddly genuine and sincere claiming it had been a while and to excuse the enthusiasm as care. I was stuck there with him, I went along with this. He continued to introducing me to more of his friends over this weekend. Driving to many winerys the day after his offence. This was A lot of pressure, I was being introduced as his partner everywhere to many people. The relationship was very quick to develop from here even though we were only seeing each other on weekends.

Damian was quick to support myself against the Andrew Lock harassment and though he did try to encourage myself to plea - as did the lawyer, he respected my choice not to as I committed no offence. I did not plea and was found Not Guilty of resist arrest making Andrew Locks actions nearly resulting in a broken arm an assault charge against Officer Lock. Darryl Peter Wright of ICAC South Australia not acting on this assault to which he investigated and was heavily involved with the outcome. Clear corruption within ICAC South Australia. Damian paid for a portion of my legal representation and conversed with my solicitors. Myself paying for majority of the solicitation needed over these years of institutional harassment and breaches of victims rights.

Damian was showing small signs of being controlling from the start, the manipulation of myself controlling me into a relationship by taking away my verbal and physical choice. As a Boss of a police station I thought was just him. I could handle dominant control and didn’t mind him being assertive. He to begin with was not being rude mannered.

Prior to myself being forced move to Victoria Damian’s property by my brothers false claims to the courts regarding rent payments. Damain had shown signs of instability with excessive drinking and his attitude. Alcohol was a very prevalent factor in his life, I personally indulged more towards recreational smoking, drinking with damian moderately and occasionally. Damian drank almost everyday. My Father, an everyday drinker and abusive when drunk, I did not like this.

Damian was rightfully refused service from a local restaurant in Mount Gambier as he was too drunk. The responsible manager also asking if Damian wanted a taxi arranged, Damian replied saying he would call one. This was a lie. This night, Damian revealed a few reasons why he was a successful police officer but single. He pushed me in the kitchen while yelling at myself. He wanted his keys which I had hidden in a draw in my bedroom. I had hidden them from him as he was too drunk to drive and needed to rest. Up and down yelling for hours, Damian finally slept on the couch. Apologising for his behaviour in the morning and appreciating my care to not let him drive.

We broke up a couple of times, I believe once around this time, myself saying I can’t have a relationship with a police officer. I was mentally struggling with this, despite my efforts to not paint all policemen with the same brush.

Being serious I had been forced into use of stupid police certification SAPOL issued which I had no choice in these years but to play the part of. My only interest is gangs - Taskforce and Intelligence policing on a federal level.

Upon one of these break ups, Damian drove over to tell me he had prostate cancer and asked me if I would get back together with him knowing he was dying. This is emotional abuse and I said no.

Damian and I Breaking up did end up resolving to start with, we broke up and talked through concerns numerous times. My lease being cut short at the residence I was renting in Regional South Australia due to a family dispute, I moved to Victoria with Damian with little choice in the matter. Damian had been putting in lots of effort to make me feel he had my best interests at heart. Though his intentions in the back of my mind I could not trust, ever since he mentioned the Gordon Hamm case, his attitude was concerning me.

I flew to the USA - Jamaica for my Pageant Finals in 2018. I had a great experience cooking for the National Jamaican Children’s Home and painting the premises also. We, as title holders across the world, climbed Dunn River Falls and I roomed with the most Amazing women achievers. This trip was a Priceless experience, paid for and thanks to Damian. Thanks except for the bickering.

It started fine, then conversation escalated and was provocative negatively from both of us. Upon my return to Australia, Damian grabbed my arm unacceptably and demanded I kiss him despite the disrespect shown by both of us to each other while I was gone. I asked Damian “Don’t do this here.”, after a moment Damian released his grip and stormed off towards the airport exit. I asked to go back to Mount Gambier as we drove back to Beaufort Victoria from the Melbourne Airport. Damian replied telling me I had to change my attitude. Damian did not let me move straight away, keeping me out at his property for weeks - I acquired a quote from GRACE removals. Our relationship had completely dissolved and I seen no avenue for repair. Damian wanted to marry me, I did Not want to marry him. He told me no one would want me and that I would be back to marry him as I insisted I wanted to go home. I was allowed to leave weeks after my request to do so. Trapped and isolated, I feared for my life. The man seemingly relying on 'Stockholm Syndrome' - feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor, to solidify myself as his bride. Writing to my mother about my distress, she showed no concern and did not reply at times.

Concerned by things said and done during this relationship and not relying on SAPOL to do the right thing regarding my welfare. I reported the Domestic Violence to crime stoppers and formalised all goings on regarding Damian Ferrari in a statement to VICPOL. I had much support evidence with texts and phone calls showing argument, manipulation and narcissistic tendency. The no toilet paper experience after I arrived back from Jamaica (where I had also complained of out of the 9 day pageant there being 3 days without toilet paper) showing abuse. All because I did Not kiss Damian and flaunted myself in front of everyone at the Melbourne Airport. The Older man with his attractive young partner he had just collected after arriving back from International Pageant competition. EGO, it disgusts me. Damian made a conscious choice to leave me at a property without toilet paper. This after having no access to this basic amenity for 4 days while in Jamaica. The pageant final in Jamaica was a 12 day finals experience. Within this fortnight away I was without the basic of toilet paper after requesting it and had expressed how upset I was with this to Damian.

I took photos of the unsavoury conditions I was subjected to while residing with Damian. Vermin faeces through the cupboards. I asked for a cleaner, his friend a cleaner to clean the kitchen to which Damian used as I could not even put my groceries in the pantry. His close family friend visited often, female and was a cleaner. This is who I asked numerous times to be paid to clean the kitchen for use, which Damian did not engage. He even remarked one day that I saw "where you came from" referring to my brother's renovation property. I was offended and extremely put off by this commentary. Insensitive and clearly referring to his dwelling as superior. My property on Penola Road I had renovated and was a much nicer dwelling than both these properties in comparison. A well kept property I personally owned for 10 years, not my brothers run down house to which I was doing renovations for rent at. My brother's investment had been occupied by his friend who was involved in the drug trade, prior to myself moving in. This person had a gypsy joker live with him and learned to cook ICE the illegal drug there. Ben moved out when I moved in and it's evident there was surveillance used in the premises. Yet every crime including that against my life had drawn no conclusive attention during this period by SAPOL. RED Light signalling Royal Commision, 5 years of police assisted criminal offences - witnessed by ICAC South Australia Darryl Peter Wright and I at the least.

Quoting an email regarding my concerns about Damian to my Mother and Brother at the least, written on Saturday the 28th of July 2018 you can read the serve concerns I had about the forced relationship. Concerns ignored by Everybody - while I was in a foreign country and scared of the situation I was arriving home to Australia too.

"Hi Mum,

I am concerned about Damian’s behaviour and intention.

I am in Jamaica at his encouragement now he is not communicating."

He had me move without having space, had not cleared out ex from 2016 property. An apparently Asian woman whose clothes resembled that of a street prostitute. The dusty worn out boots, cheap jeans and medication remnants lifelessly stored in the second bedroom like the mouse faeces that filled the kitchen cupboards. I worried for my dog Rossi (German Shepherd) away from me in this wretched environment with the sexual predator.

Misleading me that a Swim teaching position was available and has numerous times talked down about Uncle Greg and the use of my life in investigation. He has informed me that I have to stand by the statement I gave Against David Bradley to Aaron Roche in the Gordon Hamm investigation- which I promised Aaron I will yet I don’t think this should also be within his knowledge without myself informing him.

I can receive text and email and fly out Sunday. I wanted to jump on an earlier plane tomorrow and he would not do this for me yet had me leave my job and home to live with him prior to this trip when I wanted to go after court against Slaven scheduled in October. It’s a jury trial, he will have to speak regarding my report and his lies will be exposed. My lawyer feels it will conclude before this and Slaven will not press forward and lie in court - I just have to stay strong and not be intimidated.

Damian’s number is 04** *** ***.

And the station in Ararat to which he is station commander is 03 ********, work Mobile 04** *** ***.

I have travel insurance and informed the pageant I will not complete for the international title as this pageant is not professional. I had to treat a burn last night a contestant relieved from hairdresser, is minor but severe minor. We have not been provided with adequate meals, share beds in our accommodation, twice have received no toilet paper, I waited for 3 days for the pageant director to bring my bags which contained my toiletries to me and had been opened and they are constantly asking for cash when our 2.5k (I got to use my fees paid last year when I was not able to attend - thank god!) was to cover meals, accomodation, etc.

"I’ll forward my travel itinerary in a minute." also emailed.

I had no doubt Damian was aware I had reported his conduct quite quickly, with VICPOL shortly after the report allowing him to represent Domestic Violence at a White Ribbon appearance. I had seen this type of perception cover up with the White Ribbon representation in SAPOL, the boss of Mount Gambier Police Station prior to Grant Moyle. Twilley being a White Ribbon representative whilst allowing hundreds and hundreds of Domestic Violence Intervention Breaches to pass his table without action. Breaches which were really allowing gang members to attack illegal prostitutes used by the police force.

I immediately confronted Alyx whom I reported Damian to after seeing him standing with the White Ribbon banner. I sent the officer whom took the sexual assault statement against Damian the picture and told her I no longer trusted her. She assured me she would properly investigate, I assured her SAPOL who were already monitoring myself could charge him. I was wrong. SAPOL covered the sex crime as they were regarding Kurt Slaven. I expect Darryl Peter Wright Not to lie - not for Paul Griffiths, not for Andrew Lock, not for Kurt Slaven, Matthew Jennings or Anyone. I knew the South African in origin police officer knew who had engaged in misconduct against me. Finding out later he was an Anti-Corruption officer, I was extremely disappointed when he did not speak up for myself and more importantly our community. Myself having to pick up the slack of the disgraced ICAC South Australia member after the misconduct investigations proved to be being covered up, not resolved.

My experience with abuse of process procedures extensive, reporting Kurt Slaven and Paul Griffiths in 2014 for sex crimes and fighting for resolution and justice showing out of control corruption within the policing sector of South Australia. Corruption I was about to witness of the same nature from VICPOL. It was no surprise to me to hear and see the police force trying to censor the truth of my victim statement to protect the offending officer.

I politely reminded the officer that the investigations would be resolved if SAPOL and VICPOL worked together with their resources in relation to what is clearly a hard task - dismissing or charging an offending officer. I advise Alyx of VICPOL regarding Adam Brown of SAPOL and how he had been investigating. Laying against myself false allegations which were dismissed and undetermined in court. These allegations and collaborative investigation details, all the resources Alyx needed for a conviction and without need to further question me.

Damian had told me my phone was off as they refer - tapped, by SAPOL. I did not care, I knew they didn't need my phone tapped with a STARForce squad playing russian roulette with my life. Damian had presented to me as SO suss at this point in our relationship, with this remark during our relationship I began to question Damian Ferrari on a government investigation level.

Alyx wanted me to remove posts informing the public of the offending police officer, Damian Ferrari. I had stipulated to Alyx if she failed at her job I would defend myself with the truth. Words I promised Damian as he threatened I would be back to marry him. Alyx made this request after VICPOL made a picture public of Damian. The picture of him shared was the already shared photo of him representing VICPOL regarding domestic violence. Representing VICPOL for Domestic Violence as a Domestic Violence offender himself. Alyx tried to explain to me that removing the post was for my protection. Leaning on legislation I could only communicate with family and my significant other - I knew this type of censorship regarding offending officers endangers myself and ANY public member more than speaking out in a position of being a complainant. The request and legislation was not for my protection, especially when there is enough to charge Damian and I knew he knew I reported him. Police who suffer from false complaints are protected by defamation laws, they do not need censorship regarding investigations. Clearly too if a complainant feels their life is compromised by the complaint their decision to make the complaint public is Self Defence and a Freedom of Speech Right. Damian was at the least aware of the sexual assault statement because the man that introduced us originally was aware. Damian tipped off by a Deputy Commissioner within VICPOL also when he was being investigated for stalking me on work computers. Damian’s friend a deputy commissioner alerted Damian of the investigation being conducted into the use of the work equipment. Police misconduct, public servants are a Public interest. A public funded service, when the truth is being covered by the department at the least and governing bodies also. The Public has ground for Royal Commision. The truth, a concern. Especially when VICPOL had Damian in uniform standing as a White Ribbon representative, this was definitely something the public had the rights to know about.

Legally I was entitled to a copy of my statement, we all are when we make a statement. More so as victims. Oddly after asking 3 times I was not immediately provided this by VICPOL - keep it Alyx. SAPOL could pull it and enforce intervention at least I thought. This attempt at protecting the public and justice Initially failed with SAPOL Domestic Violence officer Tim Lawson, who did nothing but protect the DV offender. Tim Lawson also protecting David Bradley’s offending against myself in Domestic Violence Intervention in 2019/2020.

I loved how Alyx stated it was okay letting my family know about the statement against Damian. At this time I was hardly able to communicate with my parents. I had applied for intervention due to the involvement they had with STARForce and SAPOL. Protecting my offender by at the least believing I was a prostitute and that prostitutes deserve to be raped. I wanted as little to do with my parents as possible. I had NO spouse, I was single and free to date who I chose. Talking relationship prospects with Tim Young - another police officer in Victoria at the time I was reporting Damian Ferrari for Domestic violence and sexual assault was a conflicting experience. The statement was taken in a special department of VICPOL and Detective Alyx Gray was well aware of all the ongoings regarding myself in communication with Tim Young. Myself furthermore reporting Tim's misconduct to her. It was amazing to watch Alyx disregard a serious DV offence and sex crime alongside what is seen as a big no, no - taking advantage of a vulnerable victim. The active detective regarding my statement against Damian I immediately distrusted her, her lack of Integrity evident down stairs as I waited for my uber with remarks insinuating I was a prostitute it was evident she was not just or moral. Alyx Gray tried to silence myself with the IBAC law as ICAC had tried in South Australia. An irrelevant charge as she declared herself as Special unit sexual crimes and we wrote a Statement Not an IBAC complaint. It was SO disappointing to watch the desperation of VICPOL matching SAPOL regarding serious sex offenders and sex offences. The smartass in me took over, I spoke out more ferociously to my family and nit picked the legislation. Were we including potential spouses here!? Hmmm, maybe I'd marry Drum Naked I thought to myself like a smart ass. Not knowing much about the drumming police officer other than he had played in a Metal band, I eventually googled him to find out more. Knowing of Tim prior to all this police stuff through my brand Barbwire Noose promoting the Australian Heavy Metal industry. Barbwire Noose travelling to gigs, promoting Australian Heavy Metal events and select Bands. Barbwire Noose featuring 'BRUTAL' Aust Metal bands on our website, I had featured Tim Young's band Abreact. Knowing Alyx had illegally lent on this legislation just to try and silence me from speaking out against Damian I was happy to play into Tim not knowing what would eventuate. I was sure Tim Young of VICPOL had something to hide. This meaning Tim would at some point side with the dark side of the law, intentionally or unintentionally I was not sure. But I was certain his loyalties did not lie by my side if he chose to remain a police officer.

To write this autobiography I broke an barely enforceable condition held against me which I could never serve imprisonment for. Any penalties endured must not exceed the maximum of the offence, the maximum a fine to which I was never going to face the entirety of.

Days passed in this period after the expression of VICPOL’s attempt at suppression of the truth. After seeing the attempts to cover up Damian's misconduct with White Ribbon appearances, I now had Injustice concerns with VICPOL. Breaches to my victims rights in Victoria with another sex offending officer Damian Ferrari, not just Kurt Slaven in South Australian Police. Admittedly I was impressed at the time by the Mount Gambier station not harassing me over the truth regarding Damian Ferrari. Reality was unless they want to press ahead and break federal law and abuse state law further there was not much that could have been done except dismissal of misconduct officers and charges against offending officers. The South Australian police by this stage had changed the dates regarding my car accident to cover Kurt Slaven's offence. The desperation to protect Kurt Slaven and to throw mud for years at me, Disgraceful and Disgusting. It was an interesting chess game - government investigating revealing the lowest tricks in the trade of corruption. To be king and pawn and a board of knights and queens. (Riddle for you, Darryl Peter Wright.)"

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