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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

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Interest in Human Rights Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement was endless with the Autobiography set for print, Pre-Purchases of the initial 500 copy's initiated, sales were set to well exceed 500 copies. The book setting foundations and rhetoric towards another Underbelly Series - Underbelly , an Australian television true crime-drama series which first aired on the Nine Network on 13 February 2008.

This True Crime Autobiography boasting submission by the SA State Labor Government towards achievement of Royal Commission into SAPOL in 2019. Again, reproofed in detail during 2020 outlining the unconstitutional actions taken in South Australia under the controversial 'Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Act 2008'.

In May 2008, South Australia passed what Premier Mike Rann proclaimed as 'the world's toughest anti-bikie laws' (Rann 2008: np), with the introduction of the Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Act 2008, which came into effect on 4 September 2008. The Premier cited the following as highlights of the Act:

  • gang members who engage in acts of violence that threaten and intimidate the public will be guilty of serious offences and will find it harder to get bail;

  • police will be able to prohibit members of a bikie gang from attending a place, event or area where this would pose a serious threat to the public;

  • the old law of consorting will be replaced with a new law of criminal association that prohibits telephone calls as well as meetings in the flesh;

  • stalking a person with the intention of intimidating a victim, witness, court official, police officer or public servant will become a serious offence;

  • it will be easier for police to secure orders to dismantle fortifications protecting gang clubrooms; and

  • in addition, the legislation created new offences of violent disorder (maximum penalty of 2 years jail); riot (7 years, 10 years where aggravated); affray (3 years, 5 years where aggravated) and stalking of public officials by OMCG members (7 years; Rann 2008).

It should be noted that there are NO secrets in this book, just facts everyone knows and nobody states So boldly.

Registered with National Library and available in leading bookstores. Pre-Purchasers and National Author On Tour attendees receiving a signed version of the History making Autobiography - CONGRATULATIONS pre-purchasers.

An Australian made recognised product, and a History making Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price of Unlawful Enforcement can be purchased via and leading bookstores Dymocks and Angus and Robertson, as well as and

Harvard Cite: Hobbs, Marcia Anita Ugly Heroes : The Price of Unlawful Enforcement.

ISBN: 9781922264374

1922264377 (Trade Paper)

A 2 Book publication of US Trade size 152 x 228 mm, Gloss Cover - 350 gsm, Pages of Autobiography - Envirocare 80 gsm, Additional Documentation - Envirocare 80 gsm, Colour photos and additional information: Satin 113 gsm edition.

M is an "advisory category" - True Crime Content.

Note: FREE PDF DOWNLOAD is a Pre-publication version subject to Final editing. (Grammar Nazi's be warned.)

The publication contains ALL support documentation and photos as inclusions to the True Crime Autobiography. Life in the shadows of SAPOL's elite STARForce.

All rights to Marcia Anita Hobbs - the Author, with InHouse Publications credited for general editing and Publication.

Each publication purchased donating to charity - as with ALL Barbwire Noose purchases. Youth Off The Streets received the 1st donation from the sale of UGLY HEROS, May 2020, under the 'A Better World' initiative donations - Marcia Anita Hobbs, Founder of Brand Barbwire Noose.

Release of the publication was set for September 14th 2019, the continuance of Government level corrupt seeing 'The Road To Resolution' ready for release in 2020. The Royal Commission into SAPOL making Autobiography reflecting Kurt Slaven's irrefutable guilt. And a hideous cover up plot with SAPOL. Guilt obtained with much evidence, admissions to fellow officers of sexual engagement, falsified documentation, malpractice and corrupt activities surrounding the investigation. Revelations determined December 2019. Ugly Heros reproof further unraveling the Rights violations, corrupt actions of the Anti Corruption commission and the determination of a need for a Royal Commission into SAPOL.

Launched Officially March 19th 2020 for Pre-Purchase.

NEVER being part of a gang, I was NOT associated with Any gangs or gang behavior, yet through the police force I was exploited for years through the law of association. Learning on the 'Road To Resolution' (Conclusion Part 2 UGLY HEROS) the Australian police force had been watching myself, a rape victim of a police officer as a 16 year old teenage - a minor. I endure years of gangs and police gang associated sexual crimes being used as quote 'rape bait' by the Australian Police Force. Sex crimes commited under police investigations and with the government's knowledge. I believe EVERY Life Matters. Your reading True accounts from a police family member on the consequences of corruption within the police force.
The tragic death of Gordon Hamm, a homicide that most would argue the CIB of Mount Gambier was aware could happen. Another life disregarding and disrespected by SAPOL. I was threatened to silence by felons involved with the homicide - an axe placed outside of the view of my home surveillance I knew who the axe belonged too. I contacted Tim Stringer via my mobile phone (the man responsible for ordering the debt collection that resulted in Gordon Hamm's death) about the axe placed on my property. Tim Stringer said his friend put the axe there. I reported this offence via my mobile phone to the Mount Gambier Police Station. No action was taken. I later spoke to Aaron Roche of VICPOL, a humane Victorian Detective who is very smart with a lot to learn about the Mount Gambier Underworld. 3 men jailed for the death of Gordon Hamm. In 2017 I again reached out to Aaron regarding the Mount Gambier Police Stations life threatening misconduct.
While assisting VICPOL in 2014 I reported Kurt Slaven for his sex crimes offending committed in 2001. After assisting with the homicide case the institutional corruption that cripples Mount Gambier with ICE addictions and home invasions was irrefutably evident. Myself speaking out a detrimental necessity, not just to reach for stolen justice and my Human Rights but to seek resolution in a race to bury the truth. Deep seeded corruption within SAPOL and the Australian police force irrefutable.
The daughter of 2 professional parents who opened the Hungry Jack's Fast Foods Australia arm of American Burger King Fast Food Family Restaurants across Regional South Australia. I grew up attending country schools with strict and isolated parenting on a farm with emu, cattle, my own horse, dogs and an ex menagerie that developed my philanthropic passion and love for animal welfare. My story, true accounts of Strength in victimisation, Inspirational desire for justice and the truth of the dark side of the law and life.

2 BOOKS documenting The Road To Resolution in the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement with A Real-time Authored Conclusion.

Gripping accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. Autobiography of Marcia Anita Hobbs, Human Rights Activist, AUSTRALIA.

‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®️’


'A World Untold'

"After these events occurring in succession as a teenager I ended up telling my parents I hated them at the end of the year 2001 and that "I don't need you", as they did dismiss me from my employment with Hungry Jack’s and left myself without accommodation for not doing as I was told. My parents Wrong with whatever they were thinking in 2001. Seemingly a police fueled decision made in the shadows of Kurt Slavens offence with Craig Spence (yet to be introduced) in 2017 shedding light on this moment when he stated I had been accused of being a prostitute to Kurt Slaven. Shocking to think that at 16 years of age my parents' solution to such an accusation was to leave me at the whim of such a lie. SO many false facts revealed to myself about myself after Gordon Hamm was tragically murdered in 2014. I am sure that this malicious accusation with no facts or basis was what actually influenced the decision to dismiss my employment. My parents never apologised for the dismissal of my position or for leaving myself nearly homeless and I know at the time I WAS NOT, NEVER have been and NEVER would be a prostitute. I have Never really forgave them for disregarding my life - how do you trust adults/parents that abandon you as a teenager. Especially after I was raped by someone around their age and when I needed someone. My parents with biker friends writing this autobiography, I knew my family were behind the prostitute rumours as with the corrupt police officer’s using prostitutes. The police purposely made up the lie to cover up Kurt Slaven’s crime seemingly and feeding it to my family. Luke Scheidl telling me I was being sold to Kurt Slaven by a pimp, explained why a taxi was pushed on myself to transport me to Conroe Heights. Whatever the facts, a Royal Commission into SAPOL would not allow the truth to be hidden as SAPOL hoped for years. A 4 year fight to achieve Royal Commission into SAPOL you will discover reading. 7 South Australian Judges hearing my name with false allegations NEVER made against myself personally, 1 judge in Victoria at the least. Endless fabricated investigations and false Freedom of Information (FOI) FOI withheld from myself by the police force in fear of my defamation lawsuit. Malicious accusations with no basis or facts out of control being spread for decades in South Australia and a decade across states Nationally extending to International reputational damage. Years of earnings from Criminal law practise lost after Kurt Slaven's offence. The trauma prevented myself from taking on Legal Studies after my gap year - 1 year deferral from Flinders University. The costs sought against members of the Australian Police Force, policing operations and falsified statements extensive. The Conclusion Chapter - Part 2 book of this Autobiography irrefutably revealing the manipulation of ICAC South Australia and Bruce Lander, an ex Judge who with SAPOL manipulated justice for years in efforts to decriminalise prostitution before National Integrity caught the National Police Force and Every State Police Force hiding the crimes of police using prostitutes and the undercover police/informants that were really committing the most henious crimes and drug dealing."

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