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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Marcia Anita Hobbs profusely proofing Historical True Crimes Autobiography to perfection for New International Publishers proofing. The 2 BOOK PUBLICATION the title documenting The Road To Resolution in the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement with A Real-time Authored Conclusion.

Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement. Proofed throughout 2020 and an Historical record of events the publication specifications: 2 x US Trade size 152 x 228 mm, Gloss Cover - 350 gsm, Pages of Autobiography - Envirocare 80 gsm, Additional Documentation - Envirocare 80 gsm, Colour photos and additional information: Satin 113 gsm edition.

HISTORICAL and Royal Commission into SAPOL making Biography UGLY HEROS - The price of Unlawful Enforcement.

Gripping accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. Autobiography of Marcia Anita Hobbs, Human Rights Activist, AUSTRALIA.

‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®️’ Sharing the latest with Pre-purchasers, UGLY HEROS The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement with whispers to be 'UNDERBELLY' material - Gripping accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. Autobiography of Marcia Anita Hobbs, Human Rights Activist, AUSTRALIA. CONCLUSION EXTRACT FEATURING USA MILITARY HERO - THE LEGENDARY H.M.McMASTERS BATTLEGROUNDS QUOTATION. I am just as Excited as You are to Receive these Books in Full Print.

"I changed my whole persona on this pursuit for Justice and Human Rights. Finding and losing myself for years after over half a decade of my life was stolen by SAPOL with a police certification they tried to burn. After decades of malicious accusations with no basis or facts were allowed to disrupt my life, my family saving face in fear of the surfacing of a lie. While they lived a lie themselves. Forgiveness is a privilege not a virtue. Those who squander humanity are not entitled to your privileges, my peace. Truth be told, I am happy and that's what matters. No matter who I lost.

Reading at this time the book Battlegrounds: The Fight to Defend the Free World by H. R. McMaster words resonated with myself instantly. Feeling a small sense of relief and understand from shared experiences. It was institutional strategic narcissism. Out of control strategic narcissism. Quoting Mr McMaster book Battlegrounds: The Fight to Defend the Free World again I draw attention to our shared and totally agreed upon opinion of strategic narcissism. "Underappreciation of the risks of inaction, such as the complete withdrawal of US forces from Iraq in 2011 or the position to forgo military reprisals for the Assad regimes mass murder of Syrian civilians with chemical weapons 2013. Both forms of strategic narcissism were based mainly on wishful thinking and the definition of problems as one might like them to be as a way to avoid harsher realities. I experienced the effect of strategic narcissism up close. I was often on the receiving end of ill conceived plans, disconnected from the problems they were ostensibly meant to address. That is because strategic narcissism leads to policies and strategies based on what the purveyor prefers rather than on what the situation or mission demands. The assumptions that underpin these policies and strategies often go unchallenged as they provide deceptive rational for foley." These words could be my own. At the fault of Greg Hobbs, direct family and many corrupt police officers, the Australian Association laws - Ugly Heros. My Uncle's plot using my life and relationship with Luke Hubert Scheidl and then allowing police to Recklessly Endanger my Father's life in a serious assault investigation which should have been appealed with numerous convictions amounting to incarceration. The appeal advice something SAPOL and my Uncle did not pursue; instead he opted for an ill conceived plan - strategic narcissism, to which myself and my Father were on the receiving end of for nearly a decade. My Supreme Court appeal taking 2 months to formalise, was finally considered by the Supreme Court of South Australia on the 11th of February after twice I personally attended the Sir Samuel Way Building, Adelaide.

Felons Sean Irvine and Luke Hubert Scheidl's last defamation attempts proved not only their ongoing activity had stemmed 8 years but that false statements were made in order to bring about a conviction or an acquittal, the actions having a maximum penalty of 14 years. After Sean bragged about how he had bullshitted the police force for years to myself the pair from the Mount Gambier founded COA gang became gloriously undone. For the extra evidence in the years mounting conviction the felons could thank Sean Irvine skank associations he'd made in Queensland. One of these undignified female characters whose vulgar abuse had tried to defend Sean Irvine within a month claiming the Gypsy Joker aligned felon raped her. Despite the poor character of this woman and the abuse I endured from her I sympathised with her. Advising her to report the crime and wished the associated victim, a victim of a felon the police force used as an informant to cover up prostitute use by police, all the best. Another tragedy in this decades long disgraceful cover up.

The Australian Freemasons riddled with STD's and owned by many of the gangs they were aligned with much of this the Gypsy Jokers in Australia spent much time trying to sell me fame in industry that might aswell have been directly the sex industry after many failed attempts to recruit me as a prostitute. Investments in modelling agencies to rebrand prostitutes also extended to burlesque dancing, acrobatics performer's even attempts to make the people involved with extorting the prostitute use into actors in return to silence the crimes and infidelity. Myself with my brand Barbwire Noose, making my own success could not be tempted by such things. I never waived from wanting truth, justice for all and a real cure for human papillomavirus (HPV) which Gardsil alone could not provide with many persons carrying the infection from birth. The HIV vaccine RV 144 the closest the globe was to treatment being made available globally among the many necessary steps to slow the spread of HIV.

My home office, belongings back and genuine investment by like-minded Human Rights orientated people my only desire. 2021 brought my desires without seedy compromise to life. The decade of strategic narcissism brought to an end. Frank Pangello false investigative journalism for profit and politics unraveled the Channel 7 reporter to which I shared the attack on my Dad with, encouraged by my Uncle Greg as a man lacking much integrity and greedy for power irrefutably.

The publishing of UGLY HEROS had been dragged out for 2 years. I had discussed new publishers at the end of 2020, 2021 arrived with this decision being finalised. Inhouse Publishing Australia breaching not only the Privacy Act and contributing to false allegations but falsely claimed the publication sum had not been paid when at the end of 2020, the initial quote for print had been well exceeded with the costs of the publication being 2 books almost paid for also. I was very disappointed with the communication and cooperation I had received from the Queensland publisher by 2021. Happily accepting their offer to refund the entirety of my payment made towards to publication and move forward with other publishers I had submitted my manuscript to as Inhouse Publishing had broken my trust prior to final resolution of the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement and before Reckless Endangerment had ceased.

The complexities of decades of deceit were grueling. Quote 'Bigger than me' and all about me. About me - Defamation and strategic narcissism so out of control, my life was a whirlwind to the point where even things that should have been untouchable as they were benign like my social media MarciaFreemason were disrupted. Conveniently during the period where journalism was at war with Facebook and the Scott Morrison Liberal government was soiled with years of covering up political sexual crimes. Sick of the constant bullshit of being used I called out both the AFP, FBI and the known to be right-wing social media giant Facebook for their use and abuse of my life and plights against integrity. The emotional turbulence of the global disgrace's the world faced in an ongoing corporate war stemming from the Nazis and Epstein creeps plot for a New World Order which was riddled with heroes and crooks spanning seas and nations came on the day I annihilated my only wrinkle with botox. Formally beginning the process to sue my Uncle Greg for defamation, lawsuits that had been announced for years - a long list of persons to be served with defamation lawsuits by myself. I removed all family members involved with malicious accusations with no basis or facts from my life and asked formally, in writing to be excluded from wills upon family members passing. Wanting nothing to do with persons whom left me reckless endangered at the whim of lies. My absence felt not only in the choices my family made, but in my will to never see them again, vowing to be devoid even at funeral.

2021 bringing resolution was the hardest year. Preparing as Flying Solo 'One's To Watch' Designer for NYFW I was undergoing both stress and sexual assault counselling. Yarrow Place in Adelaide, South Australia highly recommended by the counsellor of my initial whistleblowing day's as a 20 year old as she counselled me through the stress of the passing 6 years. Quoting Afghan files military sector whistleblower David McBride "A number of large law firms refused to take my case because they had a 'conflict of interest' That is, they cared more about Gov' $$$ than justice. Pathetic." My experience whistleblowing the policing sector very similar except it was large or small law firms. Debra Lane Director of DW Fox Tucker Lawyers the best example finding a conflict of interest in the Magistrate Maria Panagiotidis that resided over the abuse of power and process case against myself in September 2020. The case that should Never have been heard in court prior to police acting on the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement.

With the end of this out of control corruption - strategic narcissism arriving at the beginning of the year of 2021. Another abuse of power and process case in court. Another Not Guilty plea and request for trial by jury. By this stage I was at odds with my lack of interest in resolution if the Australian Police Force continued to abuse my life. Proposing to stab persons threatening my life and defend myself than live Reckless endangerment for a decade and continue to be a victim of sex crimes. Proofing this autobiography for the last time I sought external editing quotes from Tellwell, a Victorian and USA based publisher and watched Christian Porter and Peter Dutton on a power trip to pave what I saw as a clear way for Chinese dictatorship in Australia. An endlessly barrage of proposed legislation - draconian laws and legislation to bypass the independent justice system with avenues excluding court expertise to make impartial decisions overlooking court systems use in relation to issues surrounding persons freedoms like warrants. Australia in a fragile state just as National Integrity was rolling out.

The endless cover ups are an example of the depths of truth yet to be unveiled. I had No respect for the police force after they watched myself raped for years with little to no action. Nor governance which lacked so much integrity it was eroding the Nations global standings - called out by the United Nations for numerous Human Rights failures, Australia's sovereignty being sold to China - owning much of the continent's land and both governments inability to lead with judicial accountability.

Our future loosing to a two party government parade - charade, I formalised my future in politics registering the Australian Freedom Party. An Australian member of the British Freedom Party, avid follower and determination to restore Integrity, Justice and Peace to the great Nation Australia the party was well recieved by the public ready for the winds of change. Freedom Parties having global standings my political bipartisanship evidently showed in this moment. Whistleblowing for the people, dedicated to just justice and truth my Master of Laws studies couple with the business foundations of a Masters in Business Administration equip the party with a leadership which could be invested in. A leader the Australian people could foresee, academically and Human Rights orientated.

As for Freemasonry, many of the Freemasons of Australia proved to just be a disgraceful boys club riding the extortion of the Duke of Edinburgh III (may he Rest In Peace) and many other elite men in infidelity over the 20th and 21st Century.

Predominantly greedless Freemasonry instills in its brothers and sisters a set of core principles that guide them through life and allow them to be ethical, moral, and just. Masons are expected to be thoughtful of others, particularly those in need, be kind and charitable to members of their family and the broader community, and courteous and fair in all matters.

Anyone can be a Freemason, yet only the rare few stay true to the ideals of a peculiar system of morality with the ability to make good men better. Last Judgement - "issue of this judgment shall be a permanent separation of the evil and the good, the righteous and the wicked" - The Sheep and the Goats or "the Judgment of the Nations". ‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®️

"I must state, I’ve had an Amazing and Glamorous life thus far. I’ve met and conversed Danny Carey of the band TOOL, stood around with them and Ramstein at the Big Day Out after party - captured a cheeky kiss from Danny as well. I’ve been on the big screen at Disturbed concert Adelaide where the blonde cartoon chick with her fist in the air faded to a blonde me - Magic moment, I have a guitar pick from the Sevendust lead singer mouth, numerous drumsticks - in *Love* with music these and plenty more memories make up my life, among normal successes. Featuring on Billboards in New York Times Square promoting 'A Better World' initiative, Eco Fashion Week Australia runways, International Business Recognition, chosen by Flying Solo as One's to Watch designer at New York Fashion Week. These UGLY HERO’S moments are major but minor. The almost a decade defined in this autobiography was a trial but worth freeing a community from corruption and bullying Police I’ve heard about for years. The police on most part are an organisation filled with Amazing men and women. I’m a blessed soul, I write this as the efforts of defamation, false police statements and harassment have been in efforts to silence just justice."

A little more you many not know about me. My Brand Barbwire Noose® began following an Human Rights outcry made by Marcia Anita Hobbs against the neglect and sexual abuse she witnessed of clients in government disabled care in South Australia. The fight for better quality of life for Disabled clients in government care leading Marcia to Trademark register the words Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness® - a slogan which had held a long term place on a yellow curtain blind which was purchased in her teenage years, 2002, whilst still fresh out of home. The story of brand name Barbwire Noose and how these words came about are a much more simple and straight forward explanation. Marcia's passion for Music as much as fashion, had the Brand name Barbwire Noose plucked from the Soundgarden song ‘Pretty Noose’ she used as therapy while on paid leave from the government. The words inspiring the Barbwire Noose name with the line from the song expressive of how Marcia felt at the time - ‘And I Don’t Like What You Got Me Hanging From’ thoughts of a strangulation like silencing from the government were her interpretations in the moment of this music. Feeling she was being held in a corner with what she knew being used as an excuse to treat myself like a victim after she reported the neglect and criminal conduct. Marcia expressed concerns and feelings regarding the severe traumas she was witnessing and enduring. To be put on paid leave feeling like she was being put in a corner while the government ignored the raised concerns. The Lead Marcia to thinking and interpretation of the worst strangulation one could endure - a barbed wire noose. Then came the infamous whilstleblowers brand name, 'Barbwire Noose'. The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE authored by Marcia Anita Hobbs. Publication and Rights Austin Macaulay Publishers.

Author on Tour UGLY HEROS The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement dates undefined and coronavirus permitting.

Pre-purchasers first preference with postage via Tracked Auspost delivery. Publication Guarantee.

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