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FREE PDF - Kurt Slaven - Guilt and Consequence.

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

A FREE DOWNLOADABLE PDF FILE - A download of the Autobiography, the PDF is a collective of the Writer's Manuscript* proof and proofing as malicious accusations with no basis or facts attempted to hide the truth of a much needed Royal Commission into SAPOL and irrefutable Guilt of SAPOL police officer Kurt Slaven in a sex crime against he committed against a minor. Authored by Victim and Infamous Whistleblower Marcia Anita Hobbs the Autobiography is completed with sector recommendations under Marcia's Government Investigation Certification and was court submission in September of 2020. Illegally edited by members of the South Australian Police Force at this time, Marcia only responsible for the Truths of the manuscript until print. The Mount Gambier Magistrates court in a corrupt judicial hearing overlooked in an 'Abuse of Process' and 'Abuse of Power' trial initiated by Adam Brown of SAPOL for Police Commissioner Grant Stevens and many corrupt police officers within the force hiding biker alliances and illegal activity. This downloadable version is RAW and Inclusive of chilling underworld details of crimes untold.

2 Book Autobiography by Princess Marcia Anita Hobbs written during Human Rights Activism. Marcia fighting for her own personal human rights, resolution and reporting crimes against humanity conducted under Unconstitutional South Australian and Nationally applied laws. A captivating account of True Crime and the illusive South Australian Underworld. UGLY HEROS is a Gripping account of the Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police.

*GRAMMAR KINGS AND QUEENS Beware: The free download is not the edited final manuscript for publication. This is the writers manuscript.

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Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement. Gripping accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. Recommendations included in the autobiography were submitted by parliament as Sector regulatory reform.

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Guilty Slaven Writers Proof, Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement. CONCLUSION EXTRACT 'The Road To Resolution'

"The wait for SAPOL and DPP to announce and formalise Kurt Slaven as GUILTY was more of a plot to withhold justice than a wait for the act to charge him. A 2+ year old statement, a 6+ year old report against a criminally aligned sex offending officer. The wait, especially after discussing the charging of Kurt Slaven in court December 2nd, with a 3rd Judge to witness this severe abuse of process and institutional harassment. When Judge Mary-Louise Hribal failed to act on the clear institutional targeting of myself I reported the Australian police force alliance with the Gypsy Jokers to the FBI America and the use of International pageantry in correlation with the prostituion Industry. I told them the location of the Gypsy Jokers gun SAPOL was hiding to extort and blackmail the jokers into hurting people. Reporting the international extortion at least on record in another country ensured the facts could not be hidden.

Such a gross abuse of public officer by ICAC South Australia having sex offenders being protected by malpractise and misconduct within the police force for these years. Witnessing such irresponsibility from this Magistrate and evidently freemasons like David Kyriacou Pedophile protectors not police, as it evidently was by 2020. David Kyriacou failed to withdraw his false statement after I spent much of 2020 calling him out regarding the defamation. The statement and falsified fines used by police to spread malicious accusations with no basis or facts had been mentioned to myself by numerous members of the public and police personnel like Tim Young, excessively over the year of 2019 and 2020. The lack of action towards sex offender Kurt Slaven exposed David Kyriacou as the Freemason and man that engaged in illegal activity even breaching the Privacy Act and invading my confidentiality to run character assassination campaigns hoping to extort and blackmail the silence of government whistleblowers. Persons in the public going as far as stating I did not have a licence as I apparently had drug issues, the bottle shops in Mount Gambier misled to believe I was walking due to a drinking habit. My Mercedes Benz, broken by criminal activity, my own brother to which I had applied for intervention order against in 2017 damaging my Mercedes Benz beyond repair trying to be a pimp with my father for police officer and married man Darryl Peter Wright of SAPOL. The vehicle clear as day damaged in the flat I resided in driveway for over a year. The malicious accusations with no basis or facts generating a plot to set myself up with drugs and perceived alcohol issues as I drank to celebrate the small wins in life and the euthanasia of my dog. Random and certainly not alcoholic, my Father a severe drunk committing violence against the family. I could Never be an alcoholic. These malicious rumors coupled with prostitution claims very much exacerbated my emotional distress. The defamatory malicious accusations out of control affecting my employment prospects and reputation over this period of time so badly that my entire family believed them. In turn, I cut out my entire family before resolution knowing I could NEVER forgive persons for believing such malicious accusations with no basis or facts, let alone a victim of sex crimes for petty benefits from the police. Christmas 2020 after my entire family had indulged the character assassination agenda, some family members who only seen myself at Christmas, cut out of my life for life. Disregarding my life whether I had been a prostitute or not was an unforgivable devastation during severe Reckless Endangerment and considering I could have died being made almost homeless I wrote them off as dead in my life, refusing to even attend funerals. The false statement from David Kyriacou and many falsified fines existing for years in a plot to cover up the 60 - 80% of the police forces involvement in the sex industry and the STD’s they had contracted. The landlord Vivienne Dunstone who’s son stole off myself with Darryl Peter Wright of SAPOL in a bribe taking plot to engage in illegal activity was adamant to make me homeless. Her actions solidifying legal actions from myself of loss of investment, emotional distress and defamation, with theft and reckless endangerment flow on charges from the events of Wednesday October 23rd of 2020. The statement Freemason David Kyriacou falsified not only damaging but irrefutably made up to protect criminally offending officers - sex offending officers and the police’s illegal involved in the sex industry with STD’s. Having witnessed first hand the VICPOL hierarchy covering up Damian Ferrai with an STD known to himself, it was evident the Australian Police Force practised this malpractice and corruption regularly to cover up police crimes and criminal engagements. David Kyriacou, self proclaimed on LinkedIn as 23 years within the SAPol police force had a rank of Inspector, clearly demoted in 2020. The Freemason worked in Adelaide Prosecutions in 2020 and was the first person to allow David Bradley to breach intervention order in 2014. David Bradley known to police as a Graham Young debt collector at this time, David Kyriacou was very aware of the police force wannabe gangster activities and compromises and I knew this as he was present the night of David’s attempted manslaughter of myself, offending with a knife after I provided SAPOL member Paul Griffiths with the recording which led to Gordon Hamm’s murders convicted. David Bradley had attacked myself after a visit to 8 mile creek where Gypsy Joker Sargent of Arms Boof resides. Boof running Graham Young as I had informed David Kyriacou in 2014 - the Freemason actions to side with gangs to run prostitutes allowed to Gypsy Jokers to start to take over the global sex industry. A pedophile and rapist gang over 6 years gaining astronomical levels of power through extortion. Something I was determined to stop. My Father having been talked about for years for hiding a gun for Boof I planned to get the Gun from Koondi Road septic quietly until the police tried to flounder arrest the Sargent of Arms Boof, at this time I exposed the gun location so the idea of murder would not hide the crime. David Kyriacou's statement coupled with a fine made up under Andrew Locks misconduct the final desperate plot from SAPol to excuse their involvement in the sex industry and blackmail foiled by the truth and my extenisive knowledge of things whispered about in the small city of Mount Gambier. We were a country riddled with police officers protecting sex offenders with any excuse, making up drug addiction notions. Some officers with plots to clean up and wife biker slop prostitutes for themselves and friends. The actions leading to extortion and blackmail regarding prostitute clients for life without the prostitutes doing time in jail. Myself over the lies of David Kyriacou’s false statement in 2020 I began having drug tests via Hawkins Medical Clinic doctor knowing the result could only be negative with no trace of drugs in my system. The Guilt of the pedophile crime David Kyriacou was trying to hide for Kurt Slaven was irrefutable at the end of 2019, both SAPol and ICAC South Australia failing to act on this guilt was low and disgusting. I entered the courts in 2020 with ALL false statements from police personnel involved in the court proceeding proven to be malicious, vindictive and defamatory.

Guilt proven in the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement, the false PIMS report investigated, completely falsified and concluded this autobiography. The Justice System showed that ICAC had eroded Judicial Independence with the way it was operating. Ugly Heros - The price of unlawful enforcement, Life in the Shadow of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police with a settlement no less than seeing jail time served for such obscurity of this serious offending was guaranteed under National Integrity.

Bemused by the Entirety of the last 6+ years, reporting Kurt Slaven sex offences and Paul Griffiths for neglectful investigation, perverting the course of justice and reckless endangerment offending in 2014. Paul Griffiths reported to SAPOL Investigations via Aaron Roche of VICPOL in October 2014 and November 2014 regarding Kurt Slaven’s historical sex offending. The Road to Resolution and the complexity of investigating these years and operations was Overwhelming.

The investigation concluded that in the Sheriff owned premises rented by myself and partner in 2001 that in efforts to further intimidate and silence myself from speaking out against Kurt Slaven, the pedophile category sex offencer, killed my 2 pet Rabbits in the Margaret Street property on the last night of the rentals lease.

Years of evidence of the endless crimes against humanity, Privacy Act illegalities, Human Rights crimes, recorded mental anguish, judicial abuse, cover ups, targeted harassment, victims rights abuse, abuse of process and power, falsified information amounted to decades of malpractice and misconduct against myself. An evidence trail through the roof of SAPol, ICAC South Australia and Nationally the Australian police targetting myself - a Victim of numerous sex crimes stemming to offences against a minor. The Stress and vexation, loss in values to Barbwire Noose and Integrity compensation claims against the police criminal conduct of the numerous officers that had offended against myself were priceless to compensate. These corrupt actions undertaken by the Policing Sector to fabricate a cover up of Political Sex Offencers and police force sexual criminality like Kurt Slaven exposing irrefutable amounts of Guilt and a desperation by police to cover up 20+ years of SAPOL with gang alliances. The police force's offenses extend to numerous victims, not just myself. Utterly Disgusting facts and revelations made for National Integrity.

There was Excitement I felt in the knowledge that Kurt Slaven was proven Guilty. Deflation in the revelation there was also a little haul to go with the court process. Christmas 2019 passed without Kurt Slaven and many sex offenders charged followed by Christmas 2020 under severe Reckless Endangerment was excruciating even though justice would prevail. A Guilty verdict for Kurt Slaven, seeing police officers exposed for their criminal conduct and resolution to the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement inevitable even though it was something SAPOL and many Australian Police wanted to avoid. Jail time unavoidable for ‘The Monster’ - Kurt Slaven. As for an end to the discrepancies of the Australian Federal Police overseen homicide tragedy, this autobiography undeniably exposes the neglectful investigation and extensive perversion of the course of justice taken by all involved. Crimes against Humanity the lowest and most heinous conduct I witnessed, suffered and reported.

National Integrity inevitable I was shocked but not surprised the South Australian Liberal Government would not duly engage the much needed Royal Commission into SAPOL with these facts too big to ignore. Kurt Slaven being charged and his irrefutable Guilty, exposing so much police criminality and destructive behaviors within the Australian policing culture. Resolution, Human Rights Activism that could not be covered up with these facts spoken so boldly and publically."

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