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Updated: May 27

AUSTRALIAN MADE and HISTORICAL. After much anticipation and those few unexpected manuscript proofing considerations True Crimes Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement has hit the Cover printing stage!!

Historically achieving Royal Commission into SAPOL. Thank You to the Amazing Souls who made the pre-purchase of this history making autobiography!! You too made History.

The conclusive and irrefutable Guilt of SAPOL officer/detective Kurt Slaven, reading the statement against Kurt Slaven written initially by Katie Dalton, (End Chapter 1 inclusion), you have clear description of Kurt Slaven on top of myself. His Penis in my Vagina and the removal of protection after short intercourse to which he buried and stated to myself not to tell anyone. Documents regarding my residence that if checked in 2017 with regard to the sex offences would have proved 2001 to be the accurate and correct year of the offences. Clearly in contradict the dates entered/changed within the SAPOL database, PIMS Report, to protect Kurt Slaven. Irrefutable evidence of a clerical date change by SAPOL. My description of the inside of the Conroe residence where Kurt Slaven tried to reoffend also irrefutable. The fact that he lied about knowing myself in statement to Adam Brown, spoke of my persons to other police officers and the dates did not correlate with the accident involving 2 car which lead to the theif and rape SO irrefutable. Why would Kurt Slaven need to lie, change details and spend years harassing myself to cover up his guilt if he wasn’t guilty. RELEVANT FACT: Kurt Slaven had discussed sexual engagement with myself to other police officers since 2014 and believably prior to myself reporting him. Kurt Slaven spoke of myself numerous times during these years since I reported his offending against myself before and after having a statement claiming to not know me. All this irrefutable evidence of a crime and a cover up in 2018. Kurt Slavens discussions also proved that his statement, which had been submitted to court, was false by 2018. VICPOL determining that Kurt Slaven should have been charged in 2018. The vehicle and residential history of myself making the proof of guilt factor without charges and conviction to Kurt Slaven by 2019 SO screwed up. And impossible as a victim to comprehend. PUBLISH PROOF CONCLUSION INTRO CONCLUSION (CHAPTER) ‘The Road To Resolution’ Note: This Chapter was manuscript written at the time of these Real events with Proofing in reflection of past tense. The experience was excruciating, the language and referencing is raw, with Graphic and Brutally honest detail. "So Chapter 12 marks the end of this biography, Kurt Slaven conclusively Guilty in the remark made by my legal representation in 2018. The comment regarding Kurt Slaven not lying in court regarding his guilt in the POLICE vs Kurt Slaven statement, was knowledge he was guilty of the sex offence. Promise of a just outcome - obtain nearly 3 years after this Guilt was determined. An unbelievable and spectacularly disastrous period of further cover ups to unfold before justice was delivered. Chapter 13, another Ugly Hero, a somewhat unexpected Chapter over this conclusion - the unexpected predator ex partner. John Kyrimis, was the legal representation who told myself in the court foyer mid beginning of 2018 it was highly unlikely Kurt Slaven would take his lies to court. Damian Ferrari stating he knew Kurt Slaven had offended against myself in 2018 also - both men sourced their information from police and police intelligence. Yet on the 24th of January 2019, I was just over two weeks out of a Pre Trial Conference SAPOL were holding against myself, the victim. The police commissioner was still trying to pursue the agenda to cover up Kurt Slaven’s serious sex offending - against a minor, myself. This alongside the commissioners ignorance toward ever mounting police misconduct. The correlations and exposure of ICE associated police officers, gang alliances, illegal industry and numerous other sex offending officers made throughout the extensive investigations and cover ups - before and following the tragic loss of Gordon Hamm, were astronomical."


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