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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

AUSTRALIAN MADE and HISTORICAL. After much anticipation, unexpected manuscript proofing and further considerations to details. True Crimes Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement has hit the Cover printing stage!!

Historically recording trialed 'Abuse of Power' by SAPOL the autobiography contributing to a Royal Commission into SAPOL. Acknowledgement's include Thanking the Amazing Souls who made the pre-purchase of this history making autobiography!!

The 2 books, Part 1 (Chapter 1 - 13) Part 2 (Conclusion) documenting the conclusive and irrefutable Guilt of SAPOL officer/detective Kurt Slaven. With the 2 book publication including for readers the statement against Kurt Slaven written initially by Katie Dalton, (Part 1 book Inclusion), clearly describing Kurt Slaven's offence. The removal of protection after short intercourse to which he buried and stated to myself not to tell anyone. Documents regarding the victims residence validating the reported date of 2001. The details of numerous neglectful investigations stemming from 2017 into Kurt Slavens sex offences proving a plot to cover up the pedophile category crime committed in 2001. An irrefutable date change by the Integrity Commission of South Australia involving SAPOL members. Evidence falsified in contradict with the offence dates deliberately entered and changed within the SAPOL database after a system upgrade. An elaborate and life endangering expedition which seen a PIMS Report falsified with police officer David Kyriacou, also a Freemason plotting to protect the predator police officer Kurt Slaven. Irrefutable evidence of Institutional Harassment which stemmed into Parliament. Political members including the incompetency of parliament elected Prime Minister Scott Morrison failing to rectify a clerical date change by SAPOL. UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement outlaying for readers a description of the inside of the Conroe residence where Kurt Slaven tried to reoffend. Kurt Slaven lying for years about knowing myself in statement to Police Commissioner sent SAPOL member Adam Brown. The dates did not correlate with the accident involving 2 cars which led to the Grand Theft Auto and sex crime, the facts SO irrefutable yet passing through court under Judge Maria Panagiotidis.

Kurt Slaven and the police force creating years malicious accusations with no basis or facts, change details and spend years harassing myself to the point of severe Reckless Endangerment in an attempt to cover up his guilt with the help of numerous seedy SAPOL members and sex industry alliances including Freemasons whom regularly engaged with prostitutes and members of society with dirty secrets like STD's. An autobiography calling out 20 years of significant police involvement in illegal industry and discussing my relevant facts surrounding a deep seeded lack of Integrity within the Australian Police Force, especially surrounding sex crimes.

TIMELY FACT: Kurt Slaven had discussed sexual engagement with myself to other police officers since 2014, including David Kyriacou and also prior to myself reporting him in 2014. Kurt Slaven spoke of myself numerous times during these years since I reported his offending against myself before and after constructing a false statement claiming to not know me. All this irrefutable evidence of a crime and a cover up was conclusive in the year 2018. Kurt Slavens discussions proved that his statement was false, with the details submitted to ICAC, courts and police also by 2018. VICPOL had determined that Kurt Slaven should have been charged in 2018 but did not push SAPOL to act on this charge. The vehicle and residential history provided by myself from my own investigating proving the cover up irrefutably and Kurt Slaven's guilt without charges and conviction formally laid against Kurt Slaven by 2020. A historical cover up and impossible as a victim to comprehend.

“It is Friday March 15th 2019, 6:45 am and I sit and wait as I have for many mornings since November 2014 waiting for justice regarding reporting police sex offender Kurt Slaven. ‘Brexit’ and Formula 1 is all over the news, Daniel Ricciardo - The Superstar! Such a Driver and Australian. I’ve been up since 2 am, again. My Saturday night on a Sunday morning, just a morning, Every morning until you get here.” - Me and my quest to find that boy, “I’m not a boy, I’m a man!” “I Love You” “Every hole” Travis. The profile, the boy that was clearly Tim Young of VICPOL before Darryl Peter Wright and David Kyriacou of SAPOL in 2016 - conversation I was generally grateful for. Tim, my first Travis was just one more guy to add to my secret admirers saving my life list. Smittened, so was I - for a little while.

It was Such a plot to protect clearly A lot of misconduct and malpractice that needed to be addressed. The misconduct reports reviewed contributing to much of the new regulations and recommendations for SAPOL. Reports of Malpractice extensive and surrounding reports to and regarding the Integrity commission were in conflict of resolution and privacy and Federal laws. Australia’s 4 highlighted Human Rights including the right to resolution all present on the government website at the beginning of 2019 by the end of 2019 had been a priority for the website revamp to be removed. The liberal government determined to hide and continue as much corrupt conduct whilst in government as possible. The fact that Kurt Slaven had been proven guilty for 2 year and the spread of STD has crossed 4 states was out of control. The road to resolution having No resolution detrimental to the state. I can’t imagine what would have become of our state without the truth overturning such conduct. The unaccounted conduct, the profiting from illegal industry and a rape culture going rife. Personally if I was to report to the Integrity commission now in this legislative climate (March 2019 onward) I would public announce my truth. Putting in writing to family and close friends serious misconduct with the complaint drafted by a lawyer. The Integrity commission for serious misconduct is best addressed with a formal legal letter from a legal attorney. Lodgement of the complaint to be made with the commission in consideration of personal risks of character assassination which is government investigative cover up practice. The legal drafting and sharing of the truth PRIOR to lodgement of the formal complaint ensuring the serious misconduct can not just go away. The censorship of the truth and bullying of those that speak out takes an Ugly likeness to the Catholic Church hiding pedophilia. Activities the world is surpassing into the past. Myself believing in capital punishment for serious pedophile reoffenders at the least. It was Clear in 2017 that the government of South Australia just wanted to be above the law, this was the Labor government that neglected sexually Assaulted disabled persons, used myself as rape bait and cover up for Paul Griffiths and Kurt Slaven in 2014/2015. 2017 also being the year where I reported the illegal, Sub Australian standard fire doors being produced in my place of employment at the time. Myself leaving the company after reporting the production of these illegal fire doors. My boss had asked me to email replying to concerns about to doors produced stating that they had been made as per Australian Standard specifications. Knowing they had not been, I refused. Fire Doors had been illegally produced from this company for years and reported numerous times to the Labor government. Health over Wealth, a solid belief of mine. Living by the motto ‘Do NOT Conform’ - A Mass achievement towards just nonconformity here. I sent notification to all clients of the construction company producing the illegal doors alerting them of the fire doors lack of standards and illegal production. Never Be Silenced.


‘The Road To Resolution’

Note: This Chapter was manuscript written at the time of these Real events with Proofing in reflection of past tense. The experience was excruciating, the language and referencing is raw, with Graphic and Brutally honest detail.

"So Chapter 12 marks the end of this autobiography, Kurt Slaven conclusively Guilty in the remark made by my legal representation in 2018. The comment regarding Kurt Slaven not lying in court regarding his guilt in the POLICE vs Kurt Slaven statement, was knowledge he was guilty of the sex offence. Promise of a just outcome - obtain nearly 3 years after this Guilt was determined. An unbelievable and spectacularly disastrous period of further cover ups to unfold before justice was delivered. Chapter 13, another Ugly Hero, a somewhat unexpected Chapter over this conclusion - the unexpected predator ex partner.

John Kyrimis, was the legal representation who told me in the court foyer mid beginning of 2018 it was highly unlikely Kurt Slaven would take his lies to court. Damian Ferrari stating he knew Kurt Slaven had offended against myself in 2018 also - both men sourced their information from police and police intelligence. Yet on the 24th of January 2019, I was just over two weeks out of a Pre Trial Conference SAPOL were holding against myself, the victim. The police commissioner was still trying to pursue the agenda to cover up Kurt Slaven’s serious sex offending - against a minor, myself. This alongside the commissioners ignorance toward ever mounting police misconduct. The correlations and exposure of ICE associated police officers, gang alliances, illegal industry and numerous other sex offending officers made throughout the extensive investigations and cover ups - before and following the tragic loss of Gordon Hamm, were astronomical.

Clearly the relationship with Damian Ferrari was an unpredictable twist for myself - an extra Ugly Hero, Chapter 13. Lucky for me I had some Amazing friends and support networks. Yahl my immediate home when I came back from Ararat, Victoria. A small town on the outskirts of Mount Gambier. The farm life and the run of a half a million dollar property - a beautiful new home to reside in for months writing this autobiography. It was very nurturing for myself and babysat me through the period of Damian’s broken promises and bitterness in myself leaving him. I’ll never understand a Domestic Violence police officer. I don’t understand the sex offenders either. I do see drive of sexual gratification as unjust justification for such an action. A drive to just hurt somebody, someone you say you love is a Special kind of weird.

Damian asked for intervention on the 25th of January, applying corruptly in his own station. An action that was to be implemented on the 29th of January 2019 - Completely Illegal and an abuse of power and process.

I was handed the order by an older officer and the attendance of an Officer I knew as Sargent Stephen Lawrie. I rang the station this day, as Tim Lawson of SAPOL Domestic Violence stated he needed more contact from Damian to act. Knowing my phone is off (tapped by police SAPOL and VICPOL , federal approval required for the Feds) - this phone call had a record and was evidence in the Royal Commission. I was thinking it was highly likely Tim Lawson was going to further fail at his job, obstructing justice, which he could do to others. I gave Tim Lawson one last opportunity to act with the phone call record of the interaction before I moved forward to ensure Lawson did not maintain a position within the Domestic Violence sector. This list of reprimandable incidents collected over these 6 years ridiculousness from SAPOL and the Australian Police Force. Recommendations for Royal Commission regarding police officers that made contact with myself, corrupt and criminal misconduct, mainly regarding the Mount Gambier police station staff. The incidents of obstructing justice or aiding misconduct I recommend to attribute a branding ‘a neglectful Officer’ keeping their job branded with an inability to climb the ranks, below Sergeant rank only, as organisational policy. Forward recommendations on how to avoid police offending and further hefty lawsuits - like mine. Crimes against Humanity conducted by police with ministerial approval a disgrace within Australia's History against its own citizens - the legacy of the Morrison Liberal Government who knew of the extremities of criminality within police force and failed to act with immediate National Integrity.

I was distraught this day, mid pageant photo shoot, the shoot was officially over. I broke down crying, I was shaking and instant anxiety set in while talking to the officer about the order. Damian was said to be apparently stressed from being found out as a Domestic Violence and Sex Offender. This was the second time I was asked to sympathise with my offender.

Immediately overwhelmed with emotion, I had expressed to Alyx - ‘I didn’t want to do this again.’ Referring to reporting more misconduct, enduring another sex offender statement and enduring Another sex offending police offender being protected. The character assassination, the threats, the targeting and defamatory conduct by this stage just winded me rightup - being held and stuck in the remembrance and mourning stage of trauma recovery for years. This immediately to me was evidently the resolution Damian and VICPOL were trying to head towards.

The VICPOL investigation was immediately focused intensely on discrediting the victim, myself. The same actions as were taken with my statement against sex offender Kurt Slaven. Both police officer sex offenders, I was not surprised and I had told Alyx that all this would happen. A Deputy Commissioner within VICPOL tipping Damian off about a station audit of the Ararat station in 2018. This should have been enough for Alyx to act with Real concern. Instead her investigation was neglectful and to be seriously compensated for. My suffering and further anguish was a direct result of investigation neglect - many investigations neglect, all I had endured, much of it criminal conduct. For VICPOL it was No result for 2 years after Damian Ferrari’s sex offending and Domestic Violence was reported, and it was just turmoil or myself to experience this time around."

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